The LG 32UD99 is a very good IPS monitor with wide viewing angles, excellent input delay and fast response time. It supports FreeSync but has few additional game features and some players will be disappointed by the limited 60Hz refresh rate. It supports HDR, but its effectiveness is limited by the lack of a broad color spectrum and mediocre peak brightness.


The LG 32UD99-W has a decent design. It has decent ergonomics but can not swing and has a limited tilt range. The monitor wobbles a lot, even when you’re typing. The stand is wide and prevents large objects from being placed in front of the monitor. There is a large external power adapter for the monitor and a short cable that can cause some placement problems.

Picture Quality

The LG 32UD99-W delivers a good picture quality. It has a decent contrast ratio and a decent Negro unit, better than most IPS monitors we’ve tested so far. It has a very good SDR peak brightness and good reflection behavior, so it works well in a bright office. The monitor has decent horizontal viewing angles and is suitable for working with colleagues in the area. The colors look good with the excellent color space and the excellent color volume in SDR, but unfortunately do not completely cover the Adobe RGB color space and do not have a large color gamut for HDR.


The LG 32UD99 has an excellent motion handling. It has a short response time, which produces little motion blur, and a flicker-free backlight. It supports FreeSync, but its effectiveness is limited by the 60 Hz refresh rate. Unfortunately, it is not possible to introduce flicker to further reduce motion blur.


The LG 32UD99 has an excellent low input delay regardless of the input resolution. It has a large 32-inch screen and an excellent resolution of 4k, ideal for multitasking. It supports a variety of inputs and the USB-C port supports USB Power Delivery.


The LG 32UD99-W has a limited number of additional features. It has built-in speakers and supports HDR10. There is a USB-C port that supports DisplayPort Alt mode and USB-C power. This is especially suitable for compatible laptops or tablets. There are no game-oriented functions. The monitor has the standard LG joystick control and makes navigating the OSD a breeze. The OSD is identical to most LG monitors and very easy to use.

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Mixed Usage

The LG 32UD99 is a great monitor for most applications. It has a decent stand that can easily be adjusted to an optimal viewing position. The 32-inch display with 4K resolution is ideal for multitasking. Thanks to the fast response time, the time lapse is crisp and the input is very low. Some users are disappointed by the 60 Hz refresh rate.


The LG 32UD99 is a very good monitor for use in an office. It has a decent booth that has wide settings but can not pan. The large 32-inch screen and 4k resolution are great for multitasking and offer great viewing angles. It is well suited for bright rooms with very good peak brightness and good reflection.


The LG 32UD99 is a great monitor for games. Thanks to the fast response time, Motion looks great. It has an excellent, low input delay and supports AMD FreeSync via HDMI and DisplayPort. Unfortunately, some players find the 60 Hz refresh rate too low.


This is a very good monitor for multimedia. The fast response time makes the timelapse very good, and the high-resolution 4k screen is great for watching 4k videos in HDR. Unfortunately, the effects of HDR are somewhat limited due to the narrow color spectrum and mediocre peak brightness. Due to the contrast ratio and the black uniformity, it is also not the best monitor for dark rooms.


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