The LG 27UK650-W is a very good 27-inch IPS LCD monitor with HDR support, low input delay for gaming and excellent SDR peak brightness. It has a very good picture quality, large viewing angles and a great resolution that shows every little detail. Although the monitor supports HDR, you will hardly benefit from using it in this mode. It is more suitable for environments with average lighting where reflections and glare can be processed well. In dark rooms, blacks appear gray.


The design of the LG 27UK650 is good. The stand supports the monitor well, and although it wobbles when knocked, the entire monitor is stable. The ergonomics are decent, but the monitor unfortunately can not rotate, so the stand moves left or right each time the monitor is rotated. The build quality is decent and although the monitor does not prove to be first class you should not have any problems with it. There is very little cable management, just a ring attached to the main stand.

Picture Quality

The picture quality of the LG 27UK650-W is good. The monitor is more suitable for bright rooms due to its good SDR brightness and good reflection behavior. You should not place this monitor in a dark room because you will not get deep blacks due to the low contrast ratio. The viewing angles are good and the color accuracy is very good. Covering color spaces in SDR will make most people happy, except for media publishers. Although the monitor supports HDR, its performance is mediocre and will not satisfy HDR enthusiasts.


Motion looks good on the LG 27UK650. However, it is not as good as other gaming monitors. The monitor has a fast response time and a flicker-free backlight. There is no option to activate the flicker to remove the blur. This could disappoint some players. It supports FreeSync variable frame rate technology. However, the frame rate of 60 Hz may not be enough for extreme players.


Excellent input power of the LG 27UK650-W. It has a very low input delay and an excellent 4K UHD resolution, which displays every little detail on the big screen. This is not only good news for gamers, but also for those who need a large area where they can open multiple windows.


The LG 27UK650 has the standard features of a monitor, as well as some situational features like ‘Super Resolution+’, ‘Black Stabilizer’ and ‘Automatic Standby’, and it supports HDR10.

Differences between Sizes and Variants

We tested the white variant of the 27 “model (27UK650-W) and the model we tested was manufactured in April 2018.

In some regions, LG sells the 27UK600 instead of the 27UK650. We do not know exactly what the differences are, but it seems to be very similar to the 27UK650, but with a fixed stand that can only tilt.

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Mixed Usage

The LG 27UK650 is a very good monitor and will satisfy you in most applications. It has wide viewing angles and you can set it to a good viewing position. Thanks to the large display area and the high-resolution screen you have more space to work and can see the small details in games. The monitor has decent HDR support, but that should not be the reason to choose it.


This is a very good monitor for office use. The ergonomics are decent and you should be able to position them comfortably. It has a large screen with excellent resolution that gives you plenty of room to work, and good viewing angles that allow you to share your work with colleagues next to you. The image quality is good and the reflective treatment makes it suitable for the average office environment.


Very good monitor for games. It has an excellent low input delay and fast response time and feels very appealing. It is equipped with the Freesync variable frame rate implementation, which reduces the input delay of compatible playing cards, but does not include any flickering features to eliminate blurring. The resolution and size will definitely make you happy as you can see every little detail.


The LG 27UK650-W is a very good monitor for multimedia applications. The high resolution and large format provide more than enough screen space and display every little detail. It has very good brightness levels, so you can enjoy streaming in brighter rooms. However, avoid very dark rooms, as the mediocre contrast makes black appear gray. After all, there are decent angles that are good when several people are watching.


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