The Aorus AD27QD is a great 144Hz 1440p gaming monitor. It has a great design with RGB lighting, very good ergonomics and an easy-to-remove stand. Overall, it provides decent picture quality, but like most IPS monitors, it does not look so good in a dark room. The AD27QD features excellent motion handling with extremely fast response time, optional black frame insertion and low input delay. Finally, it has a unique set of additional features that can give some players an extra edge, including a unique Active Noise Cancellation feature.


The Aorus AD27QD has a great design very similar to the Acer Predator X27. The stand does not take up too much space and has good ergonomics. So you can conveniently bring the monitor in a comfortable position or share your screen with other people. The monitor is solidly built and there are no obvious issues with build quality. In contrast to the AOC AGON AG271QX, there is a practical carrying handle and RGB lighting, but no headphone stand.

Picture Quality

Overall, the Aorus AD27QD delivers decent picture quality. It will be bright enough for most rooms, but has only an acceptable reflection treatment. It does not look so good in a dark room, as black appears gray due to the mediocre native contrast ratio. It also has a bad black uniformity. It can provide a great color gamut for HDR content, which is great, and it has decent HDR peak brightness that exceeds the minimum requirements for VESA DisplayHDR 400, although small highlights in some scenes are not as bright as they should be.


The Aorus AD27QD has excellent motion handling. It has an extremely fast response time, so there are almost no blur marks behind fast-moving objects. The backlight is flicker free, which is great, and there is an optional function to insert a black frame to reduce the duration of blurring, although this leads to duplicates and has some minor glitches. The excellent refresh rate will please even the most demanding players. It supports FreeSync and has a large variable refresh rate range, which ensures a tear-free gaming experience.


The Aorus AD27QD has an excellent low input delay and is a good choice for console and PC players. The 1440p resolution and 27-inch screen deliver a more detailed, impressive picture than conventional 1080p monitors and offer a good selection of inputs.


The AD27QD has an impressive array of additional features. With the available dashboard software, you can control almost every aspect of the monitor without having to access the monitor’s OSD. You can also configure hotkeys that allow you to quickly switch between modes with just a few keystrokes. There are many optional overlays, including custom crosshairs and the ability to display the most important statistics of your computer directly on the monitor. Both picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes are supported, which is great. The package includes HDMI and DisplayPort cables as well as power cables that allow you to take your monitor with you almost anywhere in the world.

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Mixed Usage

The AD27QD is a great monitor for most applications. It has wide viewing angles, excellent ergonomics and excellent peak brightness. Gamers will appreciate the fast response time, FreeSync support, and low input delay. It has an impressive array of additional features that make it easy to customize your viewing experience.


Great monitor for office use. The wide viewing angle and excellent ergonomics make it easy to put him in an ideal viewing position or to share your work. It has a large, high-resolution screen that is great for multitasking and supports both picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes.


The Aorus AD27QD is an excellent monitor for games. It has a fast response time, which provides excellent freedom of movement, and an optional function for inserting a black frame. It has a low input delay and supports FreeSync both via HDMI and DisplayPort. The extra gaming features make it easy to customize the monitor so you can do your best.


Very good monitor for multimedia. The image stays exactly at a certain angle, so you can share the latest trends with a group of friends. The fast response time ensures clear movements with very little blurring. Unfortunately, it’s not so good at watching videos in a dark room because of its mediocre contrast ratio and poor black uniformity.


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