Wera 8100 SB 2 Zyklop 3/8″ Metric Ratchet Set ( Piece of 43)

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wera 8100 SB 2 Zyklop 3/8" Metric Ratchet Set ( Piece of 43) Best Price:$223.58

Wera 8100 SB 2 Zyklop 3/8

Wera has been my ‘go to’ tool vendor after I fell in love with their interchangeable head screwdriver.

This ratchet set doesn’t disappoint. Upon holding the box in your hand and opening it, you quickly realize the high quality that these tools possess. The ratchet set is both solid, has significant mass, but is also lightweight (not overly heavy). The various heads, and the way that they interconnect is intuitive and reliable. It makes a lot of tasks significantly more ‘easy’.

The downside to this set is that it is expensive. I managed to get it on a lightning deal / flash sale on Amazon for ~$226. If you can get it cheap or appreciate good quality tools, it’s worth it.

A nice ratchet set, a tad on the pricey side but I expect these to last a long time. The newest feature on these are color-coded sockets so it’s easier to tell which ones you are using or need. The only thing is that the color-coding wouldn’t be visible when it’s in that case as the part that is color is hidden below the form-fitting form…that’s a small annoyance but they should have thought about this when making that design choice given how expensive this set is. It is well-crafted and the tolerance is tight so it’s well engineered. Not made in Germany, but in the Czech republic (under Wera QC).

I work on wind turbines and wera products are the Best tools I’ve ever used. Strong and sturdy love how the ratchet moves to different angles. All around great tool if you work in a heavy hands on industry and or hobby.

This is an awesome socket set. I was not sure whether I wanted to stump up the cash for this, but it was on offer and I feel I got a lifelong kit for a great price. It’s as sturdy as they come. Has a tough storage case and the attachments cater for any situation. Perfect for someone like me who does a few handyman jobs now and then, not like I’m going to be under the bonnet/hood of my car every weekend! But it does look and feel like a professional kit.

This is a great ratchet set. I use it to work on our boat engine which is in a very tight cramped space and this set lets me reach fasteners I can’t get to with other tools. The satin finish and ridges on the sockets let you grip and spin nuts off/on by hand, especially when there’s a bit of corrosion on the threads. The case has non slip pads on the outside so it doesn’t slide off sloped surfaces. Yes it’s tough to choke down that price but once you get over that you’re going to love this set.

Simply put: this is the highest quality tool I have ever used. I bought it to work on a metric motorcycle. I can turn 99% of fasteners on my bike with just this set alone. The socket size range eliminates the need to reach for a 1/4" or 1/2" ratchet for most of my purposes. I have only used it a few times since purchasing the set, and have gotten to use about half the pieces. It is perfect. It is the best designed ratchet I have ever used. I found myself using it in place of a screwdriver just because. It’s expensive but I anticipate getting hundreds of hours if not a lifetime of use out of it.

Bought in November 2016. Great set so far except for a minor issue I just had. The wobble extension snapped the first time I used it.

This is probably the most comfortable ratchet I have ever used. The head is designed to fit in your hand very well and everything about it is designed for comfort and speed. The sockets are quite nice and the extensions are superb. The only thing I would change is having some sort of detent in the middle of the T-handle like some other brands have; this would allow for the handle not to slide out when spun. It would also be nice if the bit holder pulled down to release the bit instead of up but that is just personal preference. Overall this is an excellent set that comes with all if not most of the sockets you would need for everyday work and a nice selection of bits. It is very compact and easy to travel with.

Outstanding item, love the manufacture and product. Work in the maritime world on boats, they stand up to hard use and punishment! Love the compact size, I do wish they had deep well sockets but great kit with every basic need in it!

Finally someone has stepped up and improved the ratchet. Wera has taken a large leap from the tradition ratchet design with this product, and I think it is a success. The orbiting head is very practical. I really like to be able to switch between wrench and driver so quickly. The build quality is excellent as is the case.

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