The ViewSonic XG2402 is a decent TN monitor. Thanks to the high 144 Hz refresh rate and the support of FreeSync VRR it is ideal as a game monitor. Thanks to the exceptionally fast response time, it has excellent motion handling. Motion blur is almost impossible. Unfortunately, due to the disappointing natural contrast and insufficient black uniformity, it is not well suited for dark rooms and the viewing angle is poor. Therefore, it is best for viewing from the front.


The ViewSonic XG2402 has a good design. It is almost entirely made of plastic, but feels good and is quite solid. The stand is not very fancy, but it supports the monitor well and offers excellent ergonomics. Unfortunately, cable management does not help much. The monitor is quite thick, but this should not cause any problems.

Picture Quality

The ViewSonic XG2402 offers only good picture quality. In dark rooms it is not very good due to the disappointing contrast and the poor black uniformity. It has good top brightness and good reflection, ideal for a bright office. The viewing angle is disappointing, so the picture is most accurate right from the front.


The ViewSonic XG2402 provides excellent motion handling. It has an impressive fast response time and the movement is crystal clear, with almost no apparent blur. The backlight is free of PWM flicker, which is great, but there is no option to flicker. It has an excellent 144 Hz refresh rate and a large FreeSync VRR range when connected via HDMI or DisplayPort.


The ViewSonic XG2402 has a very low input delay and is great for gaming. Unfortunately, it only has a resolution of 1080p and a 24-inch screen, which can be disappointing for some users. It has a good selection of inputs and can be used as a USB hub.


The ViewSonic XG2402 has some basic additional features. It has built-in speakers, but does not support HDR. There are no overlay options for displaying the frame rate or a crosshair while playing. The OSD has many options, but the layout is interwoven and can be difficult to navigate.

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Mixed Usage

The ViewSonic XG2402 is a decent monitor for most applications. Its fast response time, high refresh rate and FreeSync support make it a great game monitor. It has a good stand and good ergonomics, so it can easily be put in a more comfortable viewing position. Unfortunately it has a poor performance in dark rooms and disappointing viewing angles.


Discreet monitor for office use. It has a good stance that can easily be adjusted to an ideal viewing position. It has a good peak brightness and a good reflection behavior, so in a bright office no problems should occur. Unfortunately, it has a disappointing viewing angle and the 24-inch FHD screen is not particularly suited for multitasking.


The ViewSonic XG2402 is a great game monitor. FreeSync VRR support provides excellent responsiveness and a fast refresh rate, ideal for PC or Xbox One S / X games. It has excellent low latency and ensures a responsive gaming experience. Unfortunately, it does not look so good in a dark room, so it can be disappointing for late-night gaming sessions.


Decent monitor for multimedia. The 24-inch 1080-pixel screen is not as sharp as the 4k screen, which is usually larger today. He is not particularly well suited in dark rooms and has disappointing views. It has an excellent response time and therefore quickly turns clear with little motion blur.


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