Utopia Home 26b2e626262 5b622626, Black

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Utopia Home 26b2e626262 5b622626, Black

These are not flour sack towels. From the reviews I am not certain many people remember actual flour sack towels. The term flour sack was coined for tightly woven cotton fabric, later cotton poly blend. (1800s – early 1960s.) The flour sack weave was even and tight because the material was used to make sacks for flour; hence the name. And through those years, from need, women re-purposed the flour sacks, often using them to make clothing for their children. The history of flour sacks is truly interesting.
That being written. I laundered these towels long and hot in an attempt to try and tighten the fibres. The towels emerged a perfectly functional cotton towel, with a weft and warp similar to a heavy gauze.

I do not know exactly why these are called flour sack towels. They are cotton but much too thin for hand embroidery, which is why I bought them. I am quite disappointed. I re-read the description again in case I missed something. But, no, says great for embroidery. Too thin and lightweight. I can see my hand through the fabric. I do not understand how other reviewers consider them absorbent. One reviewer wrote they are useful, like cheesecloth, for draining. Yes. That is how thin is the fabric. I’m returning them..

I reviewed the towels right after receiving them but didn’t elaborate as to why I like them so much. When I opened the package I wasn’t sure they would be absorbent because the weave didn’t look as tight as the towels I have purchased at my local market. I was wrong. These towels are beautifully hemmed, extremely absorbent and wash beautifully! Size, price and quality make these towels winners!

I needed to update my kitchen dish towels because my old towels were becoming ragged. These towels were exactly what I wanted. Great buy.

Great dishtowels!! I was a wee bit skeptical when my wife said she wanted flour sack dish towels, but ordered them in for her. We both share kitchen duties, and I have to admit I love them as much as her!! Will only order these from now on for sure!!

They are not the dish towels I had expected. The thread count was to loose for my embroidery projects. I don[t think they would have lasted any time.Aunt Martha’s are much higher quality.

These are great for making butter and for cleaning stainless steal appliances without scratching. Love them.

Just what my favorite baker asked for. So glad to make her a gift she will use almost daily.

These are the only dishtowels to use- they are the most absorbent of any material.

Nice quality and very versatile … Perfect for these projects that seem to require large flour towels. … We make many Prepper First Aid kits for people and we always put one of these in our First Aid Kits … The ‘towel’ can be anything ranging from being a very large white flag to use as an emergency sling … These towels could also be used as an oversized washing (compress) cloth or even as a food cover to keep away flies and bugs, etc. … Again: good quality towels!

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