ULAK Galaxy S7 Case, Magnetic Premium PU Leather Flip Wallet Case Stand Folio Cover with Built-in 9 Slots and Wrist Strap for Samsung Galaxy S7 (5.1 inch) 2016 Release (Purple) Will not Fit S7 Edge

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ULAK Galaxy S7 Case, Magnetic Premium PU Leather Flip Wallet Case Stand Folio Cover with Built-in 9 Slots and Wrist Strap for Samsung Galaxy S7 (5.1 inch) 2016 Release (Purple) Will not Fit S7 Edge Best Price:$8.99

ULAK Galaxy S7 Case, Magnetic Premium PU Leather Flip Wallet Case Stand Folio Cover with Built-in 9 Slots and Wrist Strap for Samsung Galaxy S7 (5.1 inch) 2016 Release (Purple) Will not Fit S7 Edge

– Great color/finish/overall appearance.
– Has a TON of storage compared to other similar wallet cases.
– Magnetic clasp is quick & no fuss to use & is strong enough to hold up even when the wallet is stuffed with cards & money.
– Wrist strap helps me feel less paranoid about dropping my phone!

– The material it is made out of is VERY flimsy. Which is to be expected when you’re only paying a few bucks. My case arrived already slightly scratched (in the photos) and even just a slight accidental graze of a fingernail across the surface can scratch it further.
– While it’s got a lot of space for cards and whatnot, by the time you’ve filled them all, the wallet can barely handle adding in any paper money without straining the strap a little and making the overall look of the case less attractive due to being over stuffed. Additionally, because the case is more or less the dimensions of the phone, you of course can’t just stick USD into the pockets without folding them, as they’re too long to fit. I ended up having to fold a few bills awkwardly at each end to spread out the bulk & make them fit. I wouldn’t have included any, but I prefer to at least have a bit of emergency cash on hand while I’m out and about.

– A great case for the price, has a lot of storage, looks cute, but the surface material probably won’t hold up for long and the storage ironically can’t fit as much as it has spaces for.

Just a quick update, although it was nice at first, it started to show the magnetic part in front and crack. The case, holds up well for a short time and it has a good amount of room for various cards and your ID/drivers license along with cash. The quality is nice and the material feels soft and closer to leather. I imagined it will hold up well but unfortunately, it did not. Great case if they fixed that little glitch though.

It works as pictured and described, but I did not realize that this case is so much wider than a typical case. I expected the added thickness because of the added layer for cards, which means I cannot hold this with one hand, but I did not expect that it would be wider in all aspects, so it cannot fit in some places my phone used to fit when it just had a case with one layer for my ID and cards. My old case that just had the one layer for cards could still fit in my pocket, but this case will have to be held or put in a purse. Additionally, because of the two layers – it slides around a lot when I try to text or scroll. I will just use this as a clutch for specific occasions, as I cannot really see being able to use this everyday.

The color is as pictured and looks/feels like quality material, but it is not functional as an everyday case. I did not feel like it was fair to dock more than one star for this case because I do not expect it to function exactly the same as a smaller case with only one layer for cards, but there are still issues with not being able to have ease and functionallity. For instance, if they made the back of the case magnetic at the same point as the front is, it would prevent the case and phone from sliding when the phone is open and in use.

The best part of this case is the multiple slots for cards, receipts, and loose bills. The worst is that it becomes readily apparent that when you drop your phone, there is only slight protection on the corners. And again, when you drop your phone (not if), the hard plastic corners break and become razor-sharp jagged edges. Essentially, your case will only survive 2-3 drops before you need to replace it. Otherwise, you will scratch yourself every time you use your phone/case. I would recommend against this type and only purchase a wallet case that is in the softer plastic that 1) covers the full perimeter of your phone and 2) will not shatter on impact.

Bought this case a about a year ago. It was great for storage. Then I dropped my phone about waist high with this cover on. It remained closed, phone did not fly out, it fell credit card slot up, and fell flat. Seemed like not a serious drop, a yet my lcd / digitizer broke. Glass did not crack but phone is now black and useless. My barely year old Galaxy S7 ruined and it’s about $240 to fix the screen. I do not recommend this cover to protect your phone. It also is ackward to take pictures with it on and phone case does not separate from wallet, so if you need to hand a clerk your phone to scan, he/she now has your entire wallet which made me seriously uncomfortable. Spend the extra bucks and get a better cover or be at risk every time your phone falls.

Does what I was hoping, holds my few cards and a little cash. The deal breaker was that unlike my previous case, Samsung Pay does NOT work while in the case, I have to remove it for the reader to pick up the signal. Being able to use Samsung Pay is how I’m able to get down to few enough cards to put in this wallet, so without it it’s pretty much useless.

Cute and functional for about a week, but about the furthest thing from "premium synthetic leather" that I’ve seen. One failed grasp and my (natural and short) fingernail ripped this "leather" cover open to reveal what really looks like paper that has been coated. Definitely not worth the money.

It is exactly as advertised. I love the colors and pattern. I love the way you can put cards, id, and cash into the wallet and still be able to close it. I’m very happy with this case.

I love this wallet case more than any other I’ve purchased! It has room for several cards, plus spots to conceal cash. It fits my Galaxy S7 extremely well, and it’s very cute!

Small, simple, and only has one magnet to close the little purse. I’m afraid of too many magnets near the cellphone battery (there are none in this holder)! The purple is gorgeous!

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