SwitchMe Vintage Pocket Watch Classic Roman Numerals with Belt Clip Chain Black

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SwitchMe Vintage Pocket Watch Classic Roman Numerals with Belt Clip Chain Black

My fiancé loves this watch. He has an appreciation for a certain time period and is an old soul. It was a surprise for him and his eyes lit up when he opened the box. I opened it when it arrived to inspect the quality and the watch is absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is high quality for an amazingly affordable price. I hope this watch lasts a long time. I know I created a memory for my soon to be husband that he will cherish and I’m very happy about that.

This is a lightweight, inexpensive pocket watch of standard size.
It’s not totally clear from the product photos, but the numerals on the actual watch face are silver. On the exterior case they are white.
The fit & finish appear acceptable, the parts align well. The white hands are in excellent relief from the black face, making reading the time exceptionally easy.
Setting the time went well, the mechanism is not so loose that the hands were hard to position exactly or moved upon engaging the stem.
As the price should indicate, this isn’t an heirloom item, but for what it is, it’s appropriately priced and nice enough.

I broke several watchbands while at work, so decided to get a pocketwatch. Ended up deciding on this one because I wouldn’t have to open it to check the time & it’s not too gaudy. Also, battery-powered, big plus. I don’t want to have to remember the wind the bastard. Works fine for what it is. Looks slightly green when held at just the right angle… but I don’t particularly care about that.

I purchased 5 for my groomsmen back in March. One of them is damaged. I can’t return it! Didn’t notice until I took them out of the packaging for my guys just now. Now it’s too late for a return. Brides! Make sure you look at them when you receive them. Don’t wait until weeks before your wedding to inspect them.

For me I love the look and feel of the old time pocket watch. The design is beautiful. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it doesn’t have a lighted dial for night time viewing, which I was aware of when I purchased it. Which also seems to be true of the overwhelming number of pocket watches no matter who makes it. But I would still highly recommend it to anyone.

My son is really into pocket watches, I ordered this on for him and it is even nicer looking in person than in the photograph. We haven’t had it for long so I can’t speak to its reliability, but so far it has been good and my son is very pleased with it. Excellent price for someone who likes to casually collect and change watches often.

The watch looks great , the problem we have with it , is the snap on the chain has already broke , so now there’s no way to connect the chain to the watch ! Kinda defeat’s the purpose of having a pocket watch .

Love the see through function. You can see the time even when closed. the highly visible numbers on the outside is great to see at a glance. Very usefull.

great value for the price…and he likes it, too!

Very good looking pocket watch. It has a very nice design and has a classic look.

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