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My husband has a tool fetish. In fairness, he does a lot of work with wood, and so the tools are useful as well as toys. Here is his input on the sander:

I have had 2 orbital sanders in the past. Both expensive, big-name brands. No sanding pads at the big box stores ever had disks that had the same hole pattern as the sander pad. The Skil does.

It’s powerful. No different than my others.

I’m used to having a variable speed switch but to be honest, I rarely used the slower setting.

Most impressed with the dust collection system. On my old sanders, I’d hook my shop vac to the exhaust because the dust bags didn’t work well. The Skil has a hard plastic box with some kind of cyclonic bit built in. No dust escaped.

Overall it preforms just as good as the expensive sanders. Nice addition to my wood shop.

I have an odd collection of tools mostly acquired by inheritance or abandonment. I had two sanders. One was a heavy Black and Decker belt sander, and I never could get the belt off to change it no matter how many youtubes I watched. The other was a charming little finishing sander. What a revelation this beast was! The sanding sheets VELCRO DIRECTLY ONTO THE SANDING PAD! What rock have I been living under? When did this wonderful innovation occur? No more cutting sandpaper sheets to the right size and messing around with cranky levers. Yesterday I sanded an alligatored window sill, if not down to a smooth surface, but certainly to a smoother one.

Also, I thought something as dangerous sounding as an orbital sander would be quite heavy, but this isn’t much weightier than my finishing sander. It’s very easy to use and manipulate.

It comes with very clear directions, although it’s simple to use. It also comes with several medium grit sandpaper circles (which you can just VELCRO on right then and there!) but I suggest you order a variety of extras for the finishing.

Coincidentally I am in the middle of updating my den/playroom and this “5” Random Orbital Sander”, from Skill comes at a very convenient time. I have been using an older 4×4.5″ finishing sander, seemingly forever, but am replacing it with the convenience of this orbital with variable speed and a removal dust collector. It’s a bit heavy at about 4lbs. and even with dampening it is still rough handling, and ia bit loud. Having said that, however, this Sander from Skil performs beautifully. Comes with 3 sandpaper disks that just adhere to its base.

I often do different things in my workshop, and end up using a sander for minor projects. This one came well packaged with a detailed instructions booklet that included the symbols used for different instruments and even sanding tips, which expanded my knowledge. Even for someone who doesn’t sand a lot, these instructions were pretty thorough.

The sander came with an abrasive disc as well as a dust canister. It included a variable speed dial. I found the abrasive disc easy to attach. This sander has worked as expected so far.

This is great for inside jobs because it collects the dust. It is worth taking the time to empty the dust bag rather than spend hours trying to clean dust that sifted it’s way into cabinets, dishes etc, not to mention how bad it is to breathe that into your lungs. Perfect for homeowner do it yourself projects. I’m not sure this is commercial grade. Fairly comfortable to hang onto for hours. Easy to use and holds sandpaper well. Very efficient and does a good sanding job. Not really loud. Lightweight for easy transport. Pretty durable.

This SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander provides a smooth surface with minimal dust. The hook & loop (Velcro) method of attaching the abrasive sheets is very convenient and secure. The sander has enough heft to do a good job of sanding, without becoming tiring from having to apply pressure. I would have liked a little longer cord, but an extension cord is all that is needed to fix that. The dust collector works much better than the cloth bag on my old sander as well. Bottom Line, This is a very good finishing sander.

I had been looking to add an orbital sander to my tool kit and this one is great. It’s very powerful yet easy to handle. It’s a solid piece and seems to be well built. The dust reduction system works well and is easy to manage. The hand grip is really comfortable so it makes it nice for extended usage. Overall a great orbital sander.

Economical but effective this 5 inch random orbital sander is a good choice for basic household tasks. On a dial selector there are six speeds easily accessible on the side of the sander. The dust canister is surprisingly efficient at catching sanding debris generated by the tool. The weight of the tool and canister are approximately 3 3/4 pounds.

Three P120 (fine grit-wood) sanding discs are included and they attach to the tool with a simple hook and loop (Velcro style) system and since they are a standard 5 inch size, additional discs are readily available. The heavy-duty three-prong power cord is 6 feet long and an equivalent quality extension cord may be connected, if necessary.

I used the sander to resolve a door issue that has been a minor annoyance for years. Installed incorrectly or framed incorrectly, approximately 10 inches of the side of one door slightly scrapes on the frame when opened and closed. This does not cause the door to hang-up but is just enough to scrape the paint.

This task remained undone because removing the heavy door (garage/house) for this small job seemed like too much work for the minor fix so it was easy to procrastinate but using the sander within 10 minutes the issue is now resolved.

The sander is easy to grip and manipulate. With the door left in place but propped open I slowly sanded the area and then stopped periodically to check the fit until a sufficient amount was removed to eliminate the problem. Now, I just need to repaint the door and frame. The clean-up for the tool was simple, pull off the sanding disc, pull off the dust canister and shake to empty. I also wiped off residual dust with a soft cloth. A storage bag/case is not included. Tool works as expected.

Simple to use sander with easy disk replacement. Dust collection system seems effective. Plenty of power. Easy to handle. Would definitely recommend. Correct sized sanding disks readily available.

I had a surprise when I bought may circa 1955 house, under all the carpets except in the kitchen (strangely carpeted) were some very good quality hardwood floors. Like when my folks took their home and went with the late seventies and early 80’s trend to paint woodwork, even finished hardwood, I guess someone decided this great hardwood should be carpeted. I had the carpet tack strips removed and edge board put in two bedrooms before I moved in. I did run into some problems though, and that’s a couple recliner chairs and an office chair had created scratches and black marks. I didn’t want to finish the whole wood floor, and with my procrastination it’s still there until just recently when I got this from the VINE. Unlike another sander I had with a little bag over the exhaust, this has a compartment and neatly contains most of the sawdust. It’s a little noisy, but with powertools headgear to protect hearing is a must, so keep that in mind. I was able to sand off the black marks and smooth the area around the scratches. It took only a pint can of finish too seal the area and I feathered it in nicely. Since the floor was a light color it worked pretty well. I’m not sure I’d have had the same color match success on really dark, or opaque stain type wood floors, but for oak or pine, this is good. The sander is easy to handle, and only got mildly warm in 10 minutes of use. Of course I didn’t press down hard either to stress the motor. I feathered the ares as much as possible, then used a block sander to minimize circular marks. The tool is a good deal and a nice performer. Recommended.

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