Screen Replacement for iPhone 5 White 4″ LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement Full Assembly with Repair Tool Kit

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Screen Replacement for iPhone 5 White 4" LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement Full Assembly with Repair Tool Kit Best Price:$60.00

Screen Replacement for iPhone 5 White 4

I wondered about the quality of the screen when I first got it. I would like to have seen more instructions with the it, but for the price, who am I to complain. The guys on the youtube seem like a couple of Goobers. This is the second time I cracked my screen. Doing it on my own was much cheaper. The phone feels as good are better then when I took it into a store to get it fixed the first time. This is a good product and it’s been on my phone for a week now.

After reading some of these reviews…I was more than hesitant about buying this case. I only needed this screen for a client repair after (unbeknownst to me) the Digitizer cable was damaged during the crack and only held together by the adhesive. And after doing the repair myself, I’m confident that the people giving negative remarks about this screen didn’t take the care or attention to detail that such a task truly requires. If everything is set up and done properly, this replacement kit works flawlessly. It fits perfect, the LCD has no wear/burn in, the colors were indistinguishable from the original, the adhesive is very strong, and the digitizer was as responsive as ever.

Please note: I followed the PhoneDoctors YouTube video and the ifixit guide, as well as some personal intuition on adhesives.

Anyways, back to the install process. After removing the shattered LCD completely, I strongly recommend removing all left over adhesive from where the old LCD used to sit. This will not only make your life easier, but will make the reassembly that much smoother as well as allow the new adhesive to bond better with the housing. I imagine some of the people complaining about the adhesive didn’t do this step. Don’t worry about scraping off the grey "film" as it’s all part of the adhesive.

I used some citric acid and some rubbing alcohol to remove all traces of adhesives from the body. Then, once I was done I test fitted everything (WITHOUT peeling of the adhesive tape) and verified everything works. Please note that if you didn’t pop the top white piece (or black in your case) back in, you won’t get cell service. Once everything checked out I removed the adhesive tape and slowly laid the new LCD in its new home paying extra attention that everything lined up properly. I finished reassembling the phone and then put pressure on the device to make sure the adhesive was fully bonded.

When done, I couldn’t tell the difference. I was really hesitant to drop almost $100 on a new LCD especially one with such bad reviews, but I came out surprised.

Small Phillips Screw Driver
Hot Blow Dryer (to remove the adhesive easier)
A microfiber cloth (see below)
Adhesive remover
A small scraping tool for the glue.
A place for small screws.

Easy to Install (With patience)
Included Adhesive

No instructions (Use iFixit and youtube videos)
Mine came with black sharpie over the samsung logo, but this was easily removable. Nonetheless, a con.

I never knew that fixing a phone was so easy. My wife breaks her phone on a regular basis and the so called "insurance" the phone companies offer is an expensive joke. She recently broke her S3 and was very upset because she really liked it. With this kit I was able to fix her phone completely in just about an hour and a half and it works and looks as good as new, and for a fraction of the cost. There aren’t any instructions but you can get step by step video instructions off of youtube.

overall, i’m very pleased with this screen. the only negative i had was that for the first month or so, the screen colors would intermittently go from crystal clear to hazy and washed out. This somehow rectified itself and the screen has been perfect ever since. I’m still a little concerned about the durability due to some of the previous reviews but at this point, i’m very pleased with the purchase.

I have no idea why people are ripping this for being a non-authentic part.. it’s not advertised as authentic and when it’s being sold for $70, why would you expect it to be??

Very good!

This replacement works great. Fit just right, installed in less the 5 minutes, my phone is already up and running. Before I ordered it, I had my phone apart and all prepped and cleaned. This came, I hooked the wire up, used the adhesive it came with, stuck it in place and boom. 🙂 Thank you for a great product!


product came in exactly as described.

The new digitizer and glass worked great for me and was really very easy to do. I found a video on YouTube and watched them do it and it was no problem to fix mine after that.

Originally thought that this part was part of the body of the phone. It was more difficult to replace since the phone had to be completely taken apart to get to the display.

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