Ryka Women’s Divya Blue/Red/White 7 B US

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Ryka Women's Divya Blue/Red/White 7 B US

I wish I had bought 2 pairs! I got the last one, but I hope they’re in stock soon. Great fit, not heavy (which is important for me in a walking shoe)… my toes had room because I ordered my size in wide. This is my second pair of Ryka’s. To date, it’s the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever worn.

My go-to shoe for daily trekking around. Have two pairs. I have trouble finding shoes that work with my wide arthritic feet. Either they are comfortable without support, or supportive without comfort. But these shoe are lightweight, easy to slip on/off, and the footbed gives me great support. I can wear them all day, which is hard for me to say about any other shoe I own. Also, most of the skechers and other things I’ve tried break down after a few months and no longer have good & comfortable footbed support. But I bought my first pair of Ryka’s almost a year ago and they are still as good as my newer second pair.

I have wide feet. They fit great. Easy to put on and take off. I ended up buying a second pair for when this pair wears out because I like everything about them. The fit, the comfort, the style. Simple and easy!

Love these shoes. Lightweight and comfortable. I was able to fit my custom orthotics in and still have a great fit.

I have difficulty putting on and removing most footwear. I can easily do this wearing these slippers. They keep my feet warm and are comfortable. My feet no longer hurt as much when I wear them.

These shoes are great. I hate breaking in shoes because my feet are usually killing me half way through my day. I work on my feet all day & these have been awesome since day 1 of wearing them. Comfy, lightweight. They seemed a little big on me but maybe that’s just how the bungee slip on shoes are? Whatever the case, my feet don’t slide around too much and they’re super comfy. I’ll probably buy another pair.

comfy, love them

I wear these around the house as I travel around my large house on concrete slab. I’m 64 and need good support for my feet and these are just right for me. I like the way they are so light weight and and do not push my toes together.

I’ve bought a lot of Rykas. These aren’t my favorites — feels like there’s a rubber band around the top of my foot. I haven’t found them comfortable to walk in either. Wouldn’t buy them again.

They are a little large and fit tight on the top of my foot. The material is a little thinner than I thought it would be. They are holding up pretty well though.

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