PORTER-CABLE 7800 4.7 Amp Drywall Sander with 13-Foot Hose

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PORTER-CABLE 7800 4.7 Amp Drywall Sander with 13-Foot Hose

Makes life sooo much easier. Combined the PC Sander, the Dust Deputy, the Vacmaster, and the iVac switch box to make a mobile sanding station (see photo). Finish an average room in under 30 minutes – No dust in the air, no dust mask required.

If you plan on doing anything larger than one or two rooms of drywall, this sander is a must. I almost went with one of the cheaper options, and I’m glad I didn’t. At 8.5 pounds, this sander is one of the lighter, and better balanced ones on the market, and it still gets heavy after several hours. The cheaper brands can be nearly double the weight, and they often have the motor mounted closer to the head, making them even more unwieldy. If you have ever painted a ceiling with a roller, you know how hard it can be on your neck and shoulders. Now imagine what it would feel like if that roller weighed 15 pounds. It is definitely worth spending a few hundred dollars more for the lighter sander.

I would advise against getting this (or any) electric drywall sander unless you have a shopvac capable of handling the dust. At the very least you need one with a good filter and high quality vacuum bags or it is going to clog very quickly. Once you lose suction, this sander will make a horrendous mess in a hurry.

As with any electric sander, you will have to hit all of your corners with a hand sander, since the shroud prevents the electric sander from reaching the last couple inches. Also, if you are working on old plaster and lath walls you may find yourself having to feather in patches by hand because the sanding disc won’t conform to the subtle surface variations common in old plaster.

Small jobs or big this has turned out to be worth every bit I spent on it. I looked at some of the lower priced units but ended up buying this based on reviews and the ability for service if needed. I am a homeowner doing my own projects and this may be overkill but it makes the job go quickly. The best feature for me is the ability to keep the dust down with a vacuum hooked to this. The amount of dust in the room and thus the rest of the house is nearly zero and that is worth the investment almost alone.

Once you get a little of the feel for operating this it will do the job in no time. Be prepared for it to be pretty aggressive if you allow it to be. Have more than one grit of disks on hand and be sure to use the speed control and you will find what works for you.

I’ve been renovating my house one room at a time for a year or so now. I used this porter-cable sander years ago on a Job site and loved it but was hesitant to purchase due to price. I read the reviews on all the cheaper sanders and noticed the same things said over and over worked good then it broke, I can’t find new paper for it and on and on. This sander has been around for over a decad parts are still readily avalable and in a pinch if you need paper Home Depot’s have it because this is the sander they rent out! Anyway working on an old house with lots of ceiling and wall corners in a confide area were dust is an issue this is the Prouducts you need. Shaved my sanding time in half and I’m actually excited now when it’s time to sand . The tool also has a bit of a break in period but once your there it’s worth its weight in gold.

I purchased this after an attempt to save quite a bit of money on a generic one. The saying goes that you get what you pay for, and I wish now I had gone with this one in the first place. The quality of the sanding head is the major difference between the knock-off, and this machine.

This is a well-made machine that sands the seams to a perfect ready to paint surface. I used the 220 grit discs that I purchased along with the machine. For my project, these combined with this sander produced the best finish in a matter of a couple of passes.

I bought this for a job as a contractor in California. This product is excellent for large jobs, when hooked up to a vacuum. It is not very good for small jobs, such as repairs, or bathrooms, it is large and awkward in tight places, however a huge time and work saver on large jobs. I would recommend this for contractors who do a lot of large sheetrock finishing jobs, or plaster jobs, but if you do more small repairs it would be more hassle than it is worth.

Unbelievable progress and efficiency compared to hand scraping and sanding.
One man commercial job with 10′ ceilings and smooth finish on a tight deadline.
A whole day of sanding reduced to a couple hours (first time user) using 180 and 220 paper all the way to avoid having to go back a fill scratches.
Almost no dust unless you move too fast or run off an edge.

As important as the sanding speed and lack of dust was the time saved during every layer of plastering.
An awkward turn of the trowel, drip or high spot can be ignored, knowing it will sand out effortlessly in a few seconds.

And no sucking of dust.

Diy’ers dream come true. 3 coat mud over a few days then sand entire basement, 2 bedrooms and bath in 1 day. Took some getting used to , you have to keep the head flat or you can dig in to the drywall. I also noticed that you can fuzz the drywall paper pretty easy when feathering out. This laid back down after primer sealer was used bedore painting. With shop vac hooked up it was almost entirely dust free sanding. After the project was over we used it to clean up the concrete floors up.

The connection hose broke within a half bour of using it (At point where it fits into the adapter that screws into machine). I duct taped up for now. otherwise it is pretty good (much better than Cheaper one). It is not super easy to use on ceiling. It also gets tiring pretty fast which makes keeping it flush with ceiling that much more difficult, making marks from using edge. It is great at limiting dust when combined with my 6.5 HP shop vac with (critical), HEPA bag enveloping inside of shop vac. You can buy these big yellow bags at Lowes. All in all pretty good.

This is a great machine!!! I skim coated the textured (skip trowel texture) ceilings in a three level, 15 room townhouse and used the 7800 Sander (hooked up to my shop vac.) to smooth it all out. Honestly, it would have been worth the investment for one room. I won’t claim that that much overhead work wasn’t painful but this sander made quick work of a project I had no other idea how to do. The swivel sanding head is an amazing piece of engineering. The only thing that would improve this sander would be the addition of a ring of LED lights around the sanding head to cast a light across the ceiling’s surface in order to easily see any missed areas as you sand. Oh, it also works just as good on wall surfaces. I highly recommend this sander.

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