Maxline M8067 Elbow Fitting for 3/4-Inch Tubing

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Maxline M8067 Elbow Fitting for 3/4-Inch Tubing

I bought this product to help air go around corners. I’ve found that air will only go in a straight line unless I tell it to do something different. Also, unless I’m there watching it, it will only do what it wants. Therefore, in order to make sure it changes direction, I got these elbows. Unfortunately, they don’t bend like your or my elbow does; these are fixed. Just make sure you install it correctly because of that.

Great quality product. If you have a kit from rapid air that runs any corners these are a must. Makes the whole installation so much cleaner. Plus the company is great. I had a defect part with the kit and they sent me a new part right away. These right angle joints are perfect for building a garage setup.

Maxline system is simply awesome. I ran a 100 foot system with 3 drops and outlets, numerous corners. Easy to do with a little planning and when I fired up the compressor, I didn’t have a single leak anywhere.

I had some Maxline fun on an angle and with some big curves, taking the cheap way out. When I had to reconfigure to get around my spray stall lighting, I upgraded all the turns to nice elbows. I like it much better and looks more professional.

Love my maxline

very good


need fittings

Worked great. Lines seams to be very good quality.

Needed some extras for my kit. Works well.

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