The LG 34UC79G-B IPS-LCD is a well-curved 34-inch ultra-wide monitor with very wide viewing angles and good picture quality. With a refresh rate of 144 Hz and support for FreeSync, it’s perfect for gaming, but its wide aspect ratio is also suitable for more productive environments. It’s not the brightest monitor, but its gentle curve makes it both immersive and comfortable to use. Unfortunately, the low resolution is disappointing for some and the brightness could be a bit better.


The design of the LG 34UC79G-B is good. The base of the stand looks similar to the LG UM69G. However, this model allows for height adjustment, which facilitates finding a comfortable viewing position. All inputs are outside the monitor. The red accents help the monitor to highlight.

Picture Quality

The LG 34UC79G-B has a decent picture quality. Since this monitor has an IPS panel, performance in dark rooms is not very good, as blacks are more grayscale than blacks, and black uniformity is disappointing. However, when the monitor is used in a bright environment such as an office room, the picture quality is much better. The luminance of the monitor and the screen surface are normal and should be sufficient to deal with the glare of normal office lights, but it could be somewhat more difficult with a more direct light source.

The viewing angles are very good and the picture quality remains good even if you look at the monitor horizontally and vertically from a sharp angle. The gray uniformity is great on the LG 34UC79G-B and the dirty screen effect is not visible at all. After all, this LG monitor is instantly ready to use as acceptable accuracy and almost perfect after calibration, and the coverage of the sRGB color standard is very good.


Motion looks great on the LG 34UC79G. This monitor has it all: fast pixel response time, flicker-free backlighting, very high refresh rate, FreeSync variable-frame rate technology, and the optional insertion of black images. Many monitors have a faster response time, but few offer a complete set of motion capabilities.


The outstanding feature of the LG 34UC79G-B monitor is the ultra-wide aspect ratio, which is particularly suitable for gaming and productivity. However, due to its mediocre resolution of 1080 pixels, the device is not suitable for applications that do not take advantage of the additional width, such as: Due to the excellent, low input delay of the monitor, the monitor is also suitable for games, although it also benefits other uses.


The monitor LG 34UC79G-B has a clear on-screen display (OSD) that you can easily navigate with the joystick at the bottom of the monitor. The OSD has all the typical monitor features, such as customizable pictures, color and overdrive settings, but also has an optional crosshair overlay for games and an optional quick charge USB port.

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Mixed Usage

The LG 34UC79G-B is a good monitor for mixed applications. The wide viewing angle, good image quality and high refresh rate make it a versatile display that works well in many environments. The ultra-high aspect ratio is especially useful for productive environments and provides a very intense gaming experience.


Good monitor for use in an office. While the stand does not offer the largest adjustment range, it is particularly suitable for more productive use due to its very large viewing angle and wide aspect ratio. It gets pretty light, but the 34UC79G-B may have problems with the reflections coming from a source just ahead of it.


Great monitor for playing video games. The low input delay, high refresh rate and large FreeSync range make it an excellent choice for a responsive and fluid gaming experience. The ultra-wide aspect ratio is particularly suitable for casual games, as it makes the experience very immersive.


Good monitor for using different media. The ultra-wide aspect ratio is particularly suitable for motion picture films because letterboxing can be almost completely removed. However, the resolution could be slightly higher and the overall picture quality is not outstanding. The LG 34UC79G-B also does not support HDR or wide-color color spaces, which makes it somewhat limited.


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