The LG 32UD59-B is a relatively large 4K monitor with decent picture quality and the ability to create deep and fairly uniform dark scenes. Motion handling is good, but the response speed of the monitor is limited by the default 60 Hz refresh rate. In a bright room, reflections can be distracting and the picture is viewed at an angle.


The design of the LG 32UD59-B is very good. Compared to the 27UD68P-B, the base and bezel now have a matte finish and look pretty pretty. It has limited ergonomic options, but feels quite sturdy. If you are planning to install, you may have problems accessing the rear ports.

Picture Quality

The monitor LG 32UD59-B offers a good picture quality. The good contrast ratio, coupled with the above-average black uniformity, leads to dark scenes, especially in dark environments. For an office or other well-lit room, the 32UD59-B does an average job, as the top SDR brightness may be better, and the reflection and fade behavior is only decent.

Gray uniformity is great and the dirty screen effect is kept to a minimum and does not bother. The viewing angle is mediocre. Therefore, this monitor is not suitable for people who sometimes watch from the side or share images with others. The 32UD59-B has a very good accuracy and can represent colors very well. The 32UD59-B is not HDR compliant, but still excels at sRGB color space, which is great for photo editing.


Motion looks good on the LG 32UD59. It has a relatively fast pixel response time, flicker-free backlight, and support for FreeSync’s variable update rates. However, the usual 60 Hz native refresh rate and the narrow FreeSync range of 40 to 60 Hz are common for some applications.


The LG 32UD59 has a very large 32-inch screen with a resolution of 4 inches, which is suitable for almost any use, but especially for multi-tasking shines. It also has a very low input lag which is low enough for all players except most competitors.


The LG 32UD59 has built-in speakers that sound a bit muffled, a “Super Resolution +” feature that enhances upscaling, and a “Black Stabilizer” feature that brightens or dims dark details like shadows, which are useful for games can.

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Mixed Usage

Above-average monitor for a range of applications. Due to the high native contrast ratio and the high resolution of the 32-inch screen results in a very versatile monitor. Unfortunately, the image quality when viewing from an angle is only decent and deteriorates. Ergonomic settings are also limited, making sharing less useful with friends or colleagues.


Good for office use. The large screen and high resolution help with multitasking, reading or editing spreadsheets. Unfortunately, the ergonomic settings are very limited, and the image loses accuracy when viewed from an angle. Sharing pictures with colleagues can be more difficult. The image quality is also decent and reflections are more disruptive than other monitors.


Very good monitor for gamers. The response time is fast and only leads to a short path following moving objects, which is great. Unfortunately, it is not possible to flicker the backlight to further clear the monitor, and the response rate is limited by the standard 60 Hz refresh rate. The input delay is low, which is great, but the picture quality is decent.


Ordinary television to watch YouTube, movies or TV shows. Overall, the picture quality is decent, but seen in a dark room, black seems deep and fairly even, which is good. The colors are also pretty accurate outside the box, which is good.


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