The LG 29UM69G is a decent, ultra-fast IPS gaming monitor with an above-average 75 Hz refresh rate. Due to the low response time and the ability to flicker the image and clear fast movements, it offers excellent motion processing. It also feels appealing due to the low input delay. Unfortunately, the image quality is below average due to the very poor black uniformity and the average screen brightness.


The design of the LG ultrawide is good. All parts are made of plastic, but the monitor is stylish with defined edges and glossy plastic. The base has a small footprint, but it supports the monitor quite well, although the entire weight of the monitor moves when knocking. The back is made of glossy plastic that makes fingerprints look good, and there’s a small clip for cable management.

Picture Quality

The image quality of the LG 29UM69G is below average due to the low native contrast ratio, so that blacks in dark rooms appear gray and are also very uneven. In a bright room this is imperceptible, so it is not a problem for a bright office or living room. The monitor can not get really bright to fight glare, but the reflection behavior is good.

The colors are very accurate on delivery and the viewing angle is good, so the edges remain accurate even when you look closely at them or share pictures with friends. Unfortunately, this monitor does not support image enhancement features such as local dimming or HDR.


Motion looks good on the LG 29UM69G. It has a fast response time, is flicker-free, has a good 75 Hz refresh rate with FreeSync, and has an optional Black Frame Insertion (BFI) to reduce the blurring of persistence. Unfortunately, the BFI is at 75Hz and sometimes looks flickery, and the FreeSync range does not go below 40Hz, as in most FreeSync monitors.


The LG 29UM69G-B has excellent input delay, an impressive 21: 9 aspect ratio, and a decent 2560 x 1080 resolution, which makes its size and pixel density better than most 1080p FHD monitors, but not as good as the 27 Inch 1440p monitors – too common nowadays.


The LG 29UM69G supports some additional functions that are accessible via the joystick, such as the control panel. For example, a “Super Resolution” image processing option, reaction time adjustment, and a crosshair overlay. The OSD is quite intuitive, but the single joystick is not as easy to use as other monitors with separate buttons.

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Mixed Usage

Decent monitor for a range of applications. The ultra-wide resolution is suitable for multitasking, as two windows fit together comfortably. The 75 Hz refresh rate, combined with low input delay and excellent motion, make the monitor very appealing. Unfortunately, the picture quality is below average, but it is accurate outside the box and remains accurate even when skewed.


Average monitor for office use. The ultra-wide resolution allows you to view documents or web pages next to each other, and the monitor is ready to use. Unfortunately, the LG 29UM69G can not get very bright to fight glare, but the screen surface reduces reflections. The image quality is also accurate, which is good, and remains even when viewed at an angle that is great for sharing pictures with colleagues.


Good monitor for games. The LG 29UM69G-B feels appealing due to the low input delay and the 75 Hz refresh rate, which is not as good at 120 Hz or 144 Hz as other monitors. The motion control is great, but unfortunately the picture quality is below average and in dark rooms the black uniformity is very bad.


Below average for watching movies and TV shows. The image quality is below average due to the low native contrast ratio and the low black uniformity, so that blacks appear gray and blotchy. The colors are very accurate outside the box, which is good, and remain accurate even when skewed.


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