Install Bay 3M Tape 3/4 Inch x 60 Feet Vinyl Electrical – 10 Rolls

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Install Bay 3M Tape 3/4 Inch x 60 Feet Vinyl Electrical - 10 Rolls

I bought some 3M 35 tape some time ago and was pleasantly surprised by how well it held and how easy it was to work with over no-brand tape. From the 3M catalog, I can choose a tape based on its intended purpose and at least know it was designed to serve those conditions; with no name brand tape, you have no idea what its capable of. Even if the no-name claimed some specifications, you can’t be sure that’s true either; 3M has a history and a reputation to live after.

Temflex is economy line general purpose electrical tape. Its properties are maintained from 0-80C, compared to 3M better tape, 33+, which is rated to -18C-105C; thus its good for indoors and milder outdoor weather.

My primary need is insulation for electrical or electronic repair, for indoor and some repair in car interiors. In our latitude, 0F was recorded only once this century.

I compared no-name brand to Temflex by test wrapping 2×2 metal bolts together and leaving it the freezer for 1 hour, a temp of 0F. I then checked the insulation resistance. There was no difference between no-name and Temflex at 1G ohm, but the no-name began to unravel and it was less elastic. Temflex held firm. I pried the bolts apart and the no-name snapped apart while the Temflex was still elastic.

The difference in cost between this 3M tape and no-name brand tape is anywhere from $0 to $0.50 more per roll, but the labor cost of having to redo work far than outpays any added cost for 3M quality. So for my use, its penny wise, and pound foolish buying tape of unknown capability.

This is nice tape and a good value in the big pack. I won’t need more for years. It has good stretch and adhesion.

The first use was for removable black eye underlining for my 6-year-old as he put on his Seahawks football gear for the Superbowl!

I dont know how long it will take for me to use all of then up. Not the best but yeah, good enough for every need.

good product

Good tape

Decent quality. Works as expected.

Good quality tape. In the picture I saw it looked like marking tape. This is ten rolls of black tape.

Exactly what I was looking for. Does the job.

First off, I need to stress that I am not Pro-Union, or Pro Non-Union.
Only Pro-Professional Electrical work, both in function & safety!

As Electrical tape goes, 3M is the top choice, & most all electricians will use it. We all can agree that 3M is also normally the most expensive choice as well. But, as a professional, I guarantee it’s worth the extra cost.

Most all of the generic brands fall far short, when it comes to widely varying temperatures, becoming to ridged (cracking/breaking), or loosing it’s ability to adhere to itself (in excessive heat), or the wires it’s meant to manage.
Even a lot of the name brands fall short here!
3M does not have that problem, not even there economy line electrical tape (Temflex).

One thing you can always count on, is the longevity of your work with this tape. Go back 5 years later, and you will find that it’s held up extremely well, with no breakage, and no unraveling.

I’ve been using 3M electrical tape for the past 30 years, and won’t use anything else, but I’ve repaired other electrical problems, and finding the use of substandard tape being a major contributor to the problems.

Ok, taking all that into consideration, this deal of 10 rolls for only 15 to 16 bucks is the best deal, by a LOT, that your ever going to find! Not at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or even Walmart, will you find a lower price.

The only tape, on the market today that’s better, is the 3M Super 33+, or the 3M Super 88 line of electrical tapes, which both are meant for the more extreme/harsh conditions (0-220 Degrees Fahrenheit). For any exterior work I do, I normally use the Super 88, which has the same properties as the 33+, except it’s slightly thicker, and more forgiving of cuts/scratches/abrasions. Both are the preferred tape for Commercial/Industrial applications.

For over 90% of home owners, and others, this Temflex is all you need to be sure your doing the best you can, with high quality tape!

Very Highly Recommended!!!

For “Exterior” use, I’d also highly recommend one of the other 2 above mentioned 3M electrical tapes!


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