HWI Gear Kevlar Lined Leather Duty Glove, Large, Black

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HWI Gear Kevlar Lined Leather Duty Glove, Large, Black

as a LE officer, I rely on these gloves daily during searches and even cold weather. They fit great and are obviously built with quality and function in mind. I soaked them in water for a few hours, then slept with them for one night and now they fit like a second skin. The kevlar lining adds a little bulk to them, but I can pick up coins off the the floor, manipulate my service firearm, and search a vehicle with no problems at all.

Great glove. Fits tight till you break it in. You can either wait a month of constant use to break them in or try my trick. I squeez them both on then hold my hands under the hottest water I can safely stand. For about 2 mins. This gets the leather very maluabl. Now take your hands out and make fists. Then open up your fingers. Back and forth till the gloves stretch. It will only take a minute or two. Then take them off and let them dry. This really speeds up the break-in process.

I was disappointed at first. They fit very weird. Then I read a review that said to soak them in water and wear them until they dry. I did that and rode around until they dried. Now they are great. I can use a gun and a smartphone with no problems. Nice plain comfortable riding glove.

Well constructed and supple leather. Great fit, except the thumb is a little bit too long, which is why it gets four stars. Some break in will likely be required before they feel molded to your hand. Just give it some sweat in time and a few uses. One of the best all leather options with cut resistance.

These are excellent duty gloves! Very nice kevlar lining, quality stitching, & excellent fit and finish. The leather is supple but still feels durable. My hands are usually to big for med. gloves, but not big enough to completely fill out large gloves. Fortunately the large size in these still fit great!

these are outstanding. 2 day ship. 9 inch across the knuckles for a large. they are tight but in a good way. the workmanship and material is exceptional. the cut is right at the wrist and the hook and loop is perfect….the only better ones i have are the renedages form foxcreek – which are also completely outstanding….these will be general use and bike gloves…while i expect them to last – i still got a back-up pair.

Had to work them in for a bit, but they slip on like a charm now, very durable and dexterous, ordering another set, misplaced one of them.

Very poor durability thumb has wore very thin after only 10 hours of use index finger is showing substantial wear. At this price point one would expect gloves used for bench shooting to last for years. That was my original review. After they were broken the fit and perform fantastic at this point in time even under heavy magnum use.

These gloves are awesome, love them. bought a Large and they fit perfectly and quite tough. I used them on my heavy bag a couple of times to break them in and they can take a beating quite well. fits better and not even a tear or nothing

I love these gloves. I have bought 5 pair. I keep losing them. I user them for riding gloves and they’re great, BUT, they vary in size. I bought 4 pair of large, one pair of them were a lot longer then the others, almost an inch longer in the thumb and pinky. I just ordered a pair of medium, hoping they’ll fit because I do love these gloves.

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