HIC 3-Minute Kitchen Egg and Tea Timer; Vintage Style Hourglass with Sand

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HIC 3-Minute Kitchen Egg and Tea Timer; Vintage Style Hourglass with Sand

Package on the website said it was made in the U.S.A. That is why I bought it. Package is not the same as the one I received. The back says made in China and is blacked out with a marker.

I have one of these and I purchased it years ago. It is so easy and takes all the guess work out of eggs. My grandmother came to visit and really wanted one. We searched the stores that I had seen it at and none of them carried it. So I found it here on amazon. I think this is a wonderful and easy to use product just look at the egg and it tells you when its done by color change. It is made in the USA which is always a plus and it is not very expensive. Best small kitchen product I have and it is well used, I hope grandma’s is too!

Slices like a pro. Strong strings, unlike that crap I got @ ikea that broke after several uses. I need this to slice mushrooms and it works really well. The only thing that puts me off a little bit is that it "sings" when it cuts. The strings are musical somewhat which makes it seem like the mushroom is screaming. I feel like it was too expensive for the simple item that it is but if is lasts and the strings don’t pop of it will be well worth it

I have had this product for 20 years and it got so fogged up I had to buy another one. It is very accurate and works great even for soft boiled eggs.I can’t imagine making eggs with out this ever. My son grew up using it and says he’s taking it with him when he moves out. We all love it and it’s so easy to use and clean up.

Nice little egg cups though it’s counterintuitive to have to turn them "upside down" to hold a single egg firmly. yes, you can mix stuff in the bigger opening, which is much bigger than one egg in its shell, but the rough unfinished glaze on the rim of the small opening suggests the correct way to orientate the cup on the table is with the small side down. Yet it’s the side that fits an egg. Otherwise, fine. Second set, first set arrived broken, and this one had a chip out of one rim too but I didn’t feel like returning it again.

Do you have the time of a boil egg memorized? Do you use an egg timer? Have you ever set the timer, only to have distraction or ambient sounds render it’s bell unheard? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then look no further because you have found the item that will solve all those issues.

This device is bar none the best at making boiled eggs. I never had much luck with poached eggs, so I gave up trying. With this item, I can finally make them and have been complimented on doing so. While it is best to already have this in the water with the eggs from the start, the first time I used it was when the eggs had already been cooking in the water and it still gave an accurate reading on how done they were. This device reads temperature and doesn’t, necessarily, require to be put in the water at the same time as the eggs; having said that, you’ll get a quicker reading than if you drop it in after the eggs have already begun cooking.

Buy this item and run because you won’t find anything better for boiling eggs.

I love this! I still set an audible timer to remind me to come back and check on my eggs while they boil, but this is the only way to be sure that the eggs are cooked all the way through. When the last bit of red in the center disappears, I know that the egg is cooked all the way through without overcooking and turning the eggs green. Then I put the eggs in cold water for 10 minutes, which makes them easy to peel.
Bottom line – Perfect eggs, every time.

Very happy with these. My 10 yr old son likes soft boiled eggs (I’ve trained him to like them because they’re easy). I like the large side since I remove the shell for him. Here’s my process- I use the small side to hold the egg once I remove it from the pan, while I take each egg and run under cold water. Then, I crack the top of the egg, chip off some shell, flip the egg cup to the large side and scoop the egg out of the shell and into the cup for him. The small side is a little shallow if you plan to use that side to eat it out of the shell.

These are so much fun. I got them when we were initially furnishing a vacation home and I wish I had a set at home. Sometimes I like my eggs on toast, so I’ll use the large side to chop it up first. If I want to eat the egg in the conventional way, the small size is perfect. I also use these for mixing and preparing small amounts of ingredients and have even resorted to using them for a tamari/wasabi dip for my sushi.

I didn’t notice that these are much too big for an egg. The instructions say to flip them over to serve an egg in its shell, but the bottom is dull, not shiny and it looks funny with the big part down. Oh well, they are well made and the price was right. I will use them to make individual servings of desserts, or for sauces with a meal.

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