Greenlee GT-95 Voltage Tester with LED and GFCI

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Greenlee GT-95 Voltage Tester with LED and GFCI

Great little tester – the replaceable leads are a plus (replaced my old one of the previous style because of a broken (non-replaceable) lead). Added bonus is the non-contact voltage sensor. The only small inconvenience I see is that you now have to press a button for the live voltage probe function to work, whereas on the previous model (DVC6/10) that function was always "on." The led flashlight function is gone, but I can’t say I miss it – don’t think I ever relied on it. Appears to be accurate and visibility is good.

Bought this for work for basic troubleshooting dealing with electrical issues while maintenance wasn’t present. Was sold on the fact that it incorporates an "amp clamp" along with other basic features. Good tool.

Worked great once. Second time nothing. Changed batteries, still nothing. Now I’m 17 days past my returned date and this thing is 100% useless. One hell of a waste of money.

Easy to use !

Long wait but worth it

The GT-95 voltage tester has excellent electrical personal operator safety features such as high voltage flashing LED indicators, tester vibrate mode, and 10 second hold flash LED indication for voltage detection. These features are wonderful when working in dark confined locations such as above ceiling panels. The digital LCD display also confirms a more exact electrical measurement. This voltage detector also measures D.C. volts automatically without operator interaction.

Very good tester. Feel like this thing saved my butt. Double switch circuit ie 3 way was still live when I went to change a light fixture.

Automatically sets to type of usage and made of durable material with heavy lead wires. Nice zippered case

Great little multi meater

We’ve always used CMT-80s in our business and sell to our customers. They are the best!

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