Euro Limited Handle It Knob Pull Adjustable Cabinet Door Drilling Template Tool ELHANDLEIT

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Euro Limited Handle It Knob Pull Adjustable Cabinet Door Drilling Template Tool ELHANDLEIT

This. Is. Awesome!

We purchased a bunch of cabinet pulls for our kitchen, and they sat in a box for months. The pulls we chose were pretty large, and in different sizes for different sized cabinets and drawers. The prospect of all that measuring, and potentially messing up, was just preventing us from even getting started.

I purchased a "template" kit, but it was too small and of no help.

I thought about building a jig, but that was beyond my knowledge. I’m not a carpenter.

Maybe I could create a cardboard template? But we had so many different sizes, and I was pretty sure the cardboard would not remain accurate over the course of installing so many pulls (over 50).

Finally, I came across this product, and it looked intriguing. I decided to try it, and rely on Amazon’s generous return policy if it didn’t work out.

Well it worked out great. I had the over 50 pulls installed in a couple of hours (really more like a few minutes here and there, over 2 days). It went even faster than I expected, and I was done. I started, with the idea that I was just going to try one pull to establish a workflow. But it was so easy, I just kept going and did them all over the course of a couple of days.

The product works for a wide range of pull sizes, and with single or double screw designs.

It adjusts quickly and easily, and stays where you set it. So it is great if you have a lot of the same size cabinets and pulls / knobs. But it is equally useful if you have a lot of different sizes to deal with.

Tip: you probably want to get a "bar clamp" to hold the guide in place while drilling. I used a 12" bar clamp from Dewalt. Really helped.

I have inset drawers and doors which makes this more difficult to use, it will actually be floating above the inset panel if you are drilling on the inset panel. Secondly, the centering line is set max 4" either side, so if you handles are larger than 8" you will have to find you own center and just use the jig to line up the holes and hope it does not move. The vertical height adjustment is only a few inches, so if you are putting handles on a deep drawer, you are again out of luck and will have to float the unit over the door/drawer and hope it does not move. After a few tries, i ended up just putting masking tape on all my drilling drawers/doors and carefully measuring them by hand, double checking it all and using a center punch. Overly pricey for a piece of plastic junk that i could not use better than doing it by hand. Everyone is using oversized handles these days so i am not sure why this was made so limiting, when there just could have made it bigger with more plastic.

Debated between this and the $300 option out there. Glad I went with this.

Easily reversible without changing settings. Strong components. Easy to use and configure for your setup. Drill straight through the setting holes makes for fast work. A super handy tool that will give you good results fast.

One snag, due to the profile of my cabinet trim, I needed to add spacers to the device because I could not set the flat guide close enough to the edge of the cabinet doors. It was 2mm to far away from where I needed it. I was able to work around, but it would be good if they could allow closer fits.

I installed new cabinets and was trying to figure out the best way to install 35 handles sized 8″, 9″, 10″, 12″ and 20″. With the various lengths, I knew it was going to take a lot of planning to get them aligned just right. Most cabinet templates were pretty worthless for the long pulls I was installing.

I’m so glad I found the Euro Handle tool. The combination of adjustable fence and end guide allowed me to perfectly align all my handles on drawers and doors. The drill hole plates allowed me to drill without the need for pilot holes. Because my handles are so long, I had to use a centering method which involved finding the center of the drawer and flipping the tool to locate each drill hole. For my 20″ handles which I installed vertically on my wall cabinets, I had to divide the handle length in half and mark the center point. The fence allowed me to level the handles perfectly vertically or horizontally. The end guide allowed me to mount all the vertical handles exactly the same distance from the bottom or top of the door.

The previous reviewer noted that the nuts were too small and I agree. It didn’t cause any problems for me but if you torque the screws too hard, it could strip the nut sinkholes and force you to scramble for bigger nuts.

The tool might seem expensive at $50, but I found it totally worth it for the time savings and perfect results. I also avoided having to purchase additional expensive cabinet fronts because of a drilling mistake. It still took me all day to install the handles so I can’t imagine how long and frustrating it would have taken without this tool.

Bottom line: If you have many different sized handles or very long handles, this is a very valuable tool. If your handles are short, you will probably be fine with a cheaper, simpler template from Ikea, Lowes, or Home Depot.

If you have a lot of handles to install, this is a "must have". I found it to be vastly easier and more accurate than my homemade jigs. It let me set it up perfectly for both 128mm and 160mm pulls and a variety of drawer and door sizes (most guides don’t have the 160mm handle setup). The inch and metric scales were very accurate. As long as you remember to measure drawer and door dimensions carefully, know how to divide fractional inches by 2, and fully tighten the edge alignment guides (I forgot once), you’ll be thrilled. Its construction is pretty lightweight but not flimsy, which could make it easy to damage if stepped on or dropped. Handle it carefully and it will last. The steel drill guides will make its accuracy hold up to repeated use. This is a great tool for the money.

Best tool ever! We had cabinets installed and the installer had one of these. After watching how easy it was to mark the cabinet doors, I purchased one so we could install handles on my kitchen cabinet. Worked out great. It was delivered quickly and the item was very well packaged. I would recommend this product.

Been using Euro limited jigs for years these are the best jigs. Far better than the Rockler and Woodcraft jigs

We decided to spend the extra money for this guide after buying the cheaper plastic templates. This guide worked perfectly for hanging cabinet doors and installing handles on doors and drawers. Made the job a snap and everything is aligned perfectly.

Installed handles on 40 plus cabinets. Worked as advertised. My son in-law helped me, project went really smooth.

I had a new house built and did the trim work myself to save some money. This jig was invaluable to getting the large euro style pulls on my kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

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