The Dell P2417H is an average 1080p monitor with an IPS-type LCD that offers a wide viewing angle. Its stand offers a variety of ergonomic settings and the low input delay ensures a fast response. Unfortunately, the image quality leaves something to be desired, and the default refresh rate of 60 Hz could be disappointing.


The design of the Dell P2417H is good and the monitor looks very professional. The stand has a small footprint and supports the monitor well. It also offers a variety of ergonomic settings, which is great. There is a cable management hole on the back of the stand, and the build quality of the monitor is good.

Picture Quality

The Dell P2417H IPS Monitor provides decent picture quality. Dark room performance could be better as it has a low contrast ratio and a disappointing black uniformity. However, this is typical of IPS monitors, which perform much better in a brighter environment like an office space. However, the brightness could be better, as it could be difficult to combat glare from a strong light or a window.

However, the screen surface is good and reflections are treated reasonably. The gray uniformity is impressive on the monitor and the viewing angles are also good, which means that the picture quality remains the same even with a sharp view of the monitor. The monitor also has excellent accuracy and the range of the sRGB is great. This is the main application for PC monitors. Finally, this monitor does not have advanced features like HDR and local dimming.


Motion looks decent on the Dell P2417H, but not as well as on many gaming monitors. Although the monitor has fast response time and flicker-free backlighting, the usual 60 Hz refresh rate and the lack of a variable refresh rate like FreeSync can disappoint players.


The Dell P2417H monitor has a very standard resolution of 1080p and a size of 24 “, which is sufficient for most people, but everyone would benefit from a larger and higher resolution screen.On the positive side, the monitor has a very low input delay which pleases everyone except the most competitive players.


The monitor has a Dell standard on-screen display that is well-organized and provides all the standard features expected of a monitor, such as a monitor. B. adjustable color and overdrive settings. It is also possible to leave the USB ports turned on in standby mode so that the monitor can act as a USB hub.

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Mixed Usage

The Dell P2417H copes well with a variety of uses. Most users will find the 24-inch size good, and the wide viewing angle can be very handy. Unfortunately, the visible backlighting reduces image quality in dark rooms and lacks most game-oriented features such as adaptive synchronization. The picture quality is neat, but in a dark room, blacks appear gray.


Good monitor for use in an office. The Dell P2417H’s excellent ergonomics allow it to fit in a variety of environments. Panning is especially useful when used with its wide viewing angle to share the screen with neighbors. The flicker-free backlight is useful for long work sessions. The picture quality is also neat.


Good monitor for casual games. The low input delay and subtle movements make it decently appealing and suitable for PC and console games. Unfortunately, support for higher refresh rates or adaptive synchronization technologies is lacking. Therefore it is relatively easy. The picture quality is neat, but in a black room dark scenes appear washed out and stained.


Average choice for using different media types. The uneven blacks of the Dell Professional P2417H significantly degrade picture quality in dark rooms. While the resolution of 1080p is decent, it lacks support for HDR or wider color gamut that is increasingly used in modern content. Viewed from an angle, the picture remains accurate, which is good.


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