The Dell P2217 is a responsive, wide-angle IPS entry-level monitor that is ideal for office use thanks to its fully mobile tripod. It does not offer the best picture quality, but its low input delay and motion blur make it a decent gaming monitor. Unfortunately, the poor contrast and the uneven blacks in dark rooms drastically affect the picture quality. The image may be too weak for well-lit environments.


The design of the Dell P2217H is good. Although it has no eye-catching design and is not the heart of a room, it is very practical with a range of ergonomic settings, some cable routing and a small footprint. The monitor has a portrait / landscape orientation setting, which is very convenient for this size as a secondary portrait monitor. The edges are also relatively thin, so it looks good when you are near another monitor with thin edges. Thanks to the stand, it can also be placed near a wall, maximizing desktop space.

Picture Quality

The image quality of the Dell Professional P2217H is below average due to its low native contrast ratio. Blacks appear gray in a dark room and the poor uniformity leads to spotty dark scenes. Also, the monitor can not get very bright to avoid glare. However, the anti-reflective coating can compensate for this well, making it suitable for bright environments.

The picture is pretty accurate from the box, which is good. It stays accurate even when skewed, which is good for sharing pictures with colleagues or friends. Unfortunately, the monitor does not support advanced features to further enhance image quality, such as local dimming or HDR.


The Dell P2217H is neat. It has a fast response time, which is great for showing fast content like sports or video games. It is also flicker-free, which leads to a gentle movement. Unfortunately, this is limited by the 60 Hz refresh rate, which results in less clear and responsive video game movements compared to higher refresh rate monitors. There is also no function for inserting a black frame, therefore the blurring of persistence in sports or games can not be reduced.


The Dell P2217H has an excellent low input delay, but only a fairly normal FHD resolution and a below-average screen size of 22 inches.


The Dell P2217 supports some additional features, such as: For example, adjusting the response time and choosing whether the USB ports provide power when the monitor is in standby mode. Overall, the on-screen display is very intuitive and easy to use, and the controls provide good tactile feedback.

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Mixed Usage

Decent monitor for a mixed use. The Dell P2217H is a simple and small monitor that can be used as a general screen. It’s not outstanding in any way, but it’s versatile enough to be a good choice for those looking for a simple monitor. The flicker-free backlight makes it comfortable to use for a long time.


Good monitor for use in an office. The highly adjustable screen makes it easy to set up. The wide viewing angle also makes it easy to be shared with other office members. Unfortunately, the smaller size may limit productivity a little, and the low overall brightness may cause problems in many-window environments.


Good game monitor. The Dell P2217 has a low input delay that appeals to it, but it also shows low motion blur, keeping clear moving objects on the screen. Unfortunately, the standard 60 Hz refresh rate and the lack of a variable refresh rate are better for more casual users.


Average monitor for the consumption of media. The P2217ZH is reasonably accurate at the factory, but the low contrast and poor black uniformity significantly affect image quality. It also lacks HDR support and can not cover larger color spaces like DCI-P3 for more vivid colors.


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