Cuisinart GG30-20 GreenGourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick 11-Inch Square Grill Pan

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cuisinart GG30-20 GreenGourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick 11-Inch Square Grill Pan Best Price:$34.99

Cuisinart GG30-20 GreenGourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick 11-Inch Square Grill Pan

We have now been using this set for 6 months. When we first received and began using them, the pans were perfectly nonstick so that food including eggs could be cooked without any oil, and cleaning was fast and easy. Unfortunately this is no longer true — the pan we’ve used most often now requires oil in order than food doesn’t stick, despite hand-washing and following the manufacturer’s other directions. If no oil is used, the pan is like a traditional pan and not only does food stick, but the pan requires prolonged soaking and scrubbing to get it clean. You must also be careful not to stack the pans (chipping and scratching).

The pan handles do not get hot, but the lid handles do, so be prepared to use a potholder to move the lids.

The set must be hand-washed and handled carefully to avoid chipping, but this is not a problem for us.

I would have rated the set 5 stars had it retained its nonstick performance. The loss of the nonstick capacity and the subsequent difficulty with cleaning the pans drops my rating to two stars.

1/3/10 Edited to add: We’ve now been using this set for a year and I’ve noticed several minute to small chips out of the cooking surfaces of more that half the pieces. We do not use metal utensils (silicon only) and are careful with cleaning and storing. One piece has also absorbed the smell of the food that was cooked in it. I am now looking for a different set of cookware, and regret buying this one. While I prefer a “green,” eco-friendly product, I think this one needs some improvements in quality and design.

My first GreenGourmet pan worked so well that I bought several more (all hard-anodized aluminum) to replace my old teflon pans. Sadly, every one of them has turned from brilliantly nonstick to the most frustratingly sticky surfaces I have ever had the misfortune to cook with. Judging by all the reports I’ve read of the same problem, I get the impression that these pans will eventually fail for everyone. How long it takes might depend on how hot they get, what oils are used on them (either directly or from cooked food), or how they are washed. In the end, I don’t think the cause really matters. These pans do not work as advertised for long.

Some people have had limited success in restoring the nonstick property by soaking and/or scrubbing with vinegar and/or baking soda, but the pans just fail again eventually.

The Cooks Illustrated review is worth reading. It might explain why these pans fail.

They do have a lifetime warranty, which is nice in principle, but Cuisinart customer service requires the customer to ship the pans back to the company for evaluation. Rather than wasting money on shipping every year or two forever, I think I’ll trash these pans and buy some stainless steel ones. I’d rather use a little oil in my cooking than continue to experience the frustration of pans that bond to the food being cooked in them.

The worst pans I have ever bought! I have had the same experience as other reviewers. Everything sticks to them no matter how much butter or oil you put down, even the butter sticks to them! These are awful! The pans were okay at first but then start to chip and when grease gets stuck to them I followed all of the instructions to get it off and not all grease would remove and the accumulate again very next cooking! I have had pans from other companies that back their warranties and this company does not! Please shop elsewhere!
I bought other "green pans" that work much better!

I’ve had this pan for a little less than 3 years now and I’ve been pretty disappointed. On the positive side, it’s sturdy. However, it did not remain nonstick for long at all. Pretty soon, nearly everything was sticking in some fashion. And clean-up was a chore. Each ridge has to be washed and scrubbed independently in order to make sure food residue was removed. As of now, I can’t even do that and get it reasonably clean. One of my reasons for purchasing this one was because it was Cuisinart, and I have had such good luck with their knives. Unfortunately, that did not extend to this pan. Would not recommend or purchase again.

First, on the plus side, the handle design is terrific. They’re riveted solidly into the pan and will never warp or break off, like some bargain-priced woks we see marketed here in America. And the glass cover is good. All woks should have a cover of some sort to increase their versatility. Having said that, this pan is not worthy of the Cuisinart name. The first one I ordered had a nick on the top edge of the pan. I returned it, and the second one had even more similar defects. So I tried a third time. That one had a 3" swath of finish missing along the edge of the pan. I returned, this time for a refund, which took much longer than usual. Amazon was very prompt with the exchanges, however.

My conclusion is that there is zero quality control at the factory where these particular stir-fry pans are manufactured. Also noticed that for the size of the pan, these are very light-weight, which is not good for durability or heat distribution. The instruction pamphlet also specifically states NEVER to use this pan with high heat! This is supposed to be a wok. (or stir-fry pan) Woks are supposed to be used on high/flash heat! That is the cooking technique they are designed for, and what makes them a unique cooking implement. If I wanted a simmer pan, I would have purchased a Dutch oven. The pamphlet also mentions that to increase the life of the wok, you should "season" it. (by "cooking" it in the oven with a coating of oil) That’s fine, and that’s what you do with a real Chinese low-carbon steel wok. But if you can’t use it on high heat, what good is it?

My recommendation is to look for either an authentic Chinese low-carbon steel wok, (which requires some work, and may need a fire-ring to stabilize) or a good, heavy hard-anodized aluminum wok with a cover. This one clearly doesn’t cut it. And I am normally a big fan of Cuisinart products. Not this one, though.

I bought this pan after owning the Cuisinart GreenGourmet 12 inch skillet (Hard Anodized). I used to use stainless steel only and was very apprehensive about any non-stick surface, especially after the news of health concerns linked to Tephlon coated pans. I received my first Cuisinart GreenGourmet pan from a friend who wanted to convert me to a non-stick pan user. After learning about the safety of hard-anodized and ceramica, I became comfortable using this pan. It very quickly became my favorie pan. I added this 5.5 Quart Saute pan to my collection and it functions as my work horse for those larger quantity recipies such as chili. The pan is not only BEAUTIFUL, it is quite versatile. I have used it for a variety of applications from stove, to high broiler, to flambe. It does it all. It is oven and broiler safe. The ceramica finish is easy to clean and is heats up quickly and evenly. As per the instructions, I have never had to turn the stove past medium/high, even to boil water in this pan … yes boil water. The cooking area is great for making noodles, especially lasagna noodles without having to break them to fit into the pot. This pan also comes with a lid that can be used on the Cuisinart 12-inch Skillet (which does not come with a lid).

Amazon offers a VERY good price for the GreenGourmet line. The GreenGourmet line is hard to find (Target, Walmart don’t carry them). Bed Bath and Beyond charges full price, and even with a coupon you are not getting it for the everyday price offered by Amazon. A real bargain.

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

The Cuisinart brand has been owned by Conair (known for hair dryers & small appliances) since 1989. The Cuisinart founder "invented" the food processor around 1973, but there has never been anything French about the company except the name (the inventor discovered food processing concepts in France, though).
The non-stick ceramic-based coating works well, with food not sticking to the surface. The ceramic coating has a slight graininess which I didn’t expect for a surface that is intended to not bond with other matter.

Comes w/ a lid, which explains the higher pricing – there are many other ceramic-based non-stick 12" woks for about $30 without a lid — a lid separately sells for about $25 so the all-in price is competitive.

However, 3 common complaints by other buyers: (1) non-stick becomes sticky after use, (2) high heat, and (3) induction cooking (?).

(1) It seems the major complaint is that it "fails" after some use. I haven’t owned it long enough (say 6 mos. of constant use) to comment, but when a non-stick surface is causing food to stick, my educated guess is that (i) the surface has worn away or delaminated, or (ii) a film deposit has covered the surface.
Using non-metal cook utensils should avoid wearing down the surface (if not a product defect), so a film deposit is likely the cause of sticking. Users say they soap clean the wok after each use, but it may not remove every bit of cooked-on matter. I have many kitchen items with baked- or cooked-on food residue that a normal soap/water cleaning won’t remove. For this, Cuisinart says to soak in soapy water for a couple of hours, and use a Dobie pad (whatever that is).
So, to address the filming of the surface, I suggest the following:
* Do NOT to use spray oils because they leave a film — is it true ? I don’t know, but it’s been mentioned (maybe by Birthers or climate change Merchants of Doubt).
* Another poster is on the crusade saying to use hi-concentration vinegar to get rid of film — maybe it makes sense because I’ve heard about vinegar to clean drip coffee makes & dish washers by running vinegar to get rid of residue & buildup. This means any acidic liquid (lemon juice, etc.) may also work.

Added 02/2017 — following another poster’s advice, I don’t use soap – – basically, season the wok per Cuisinart’s instructions, then after each use, use water to soak the bottom surface, then I use 2 x 1/2 sheet paper towels to clean & wipe – – first sheet to get off food residue, then the second 1/2 sheet to absorb resident liquids. I was concerned that without soap, the wok would be ‘dirty", but "wiping" preserves the the seasoned non-stick effect that would be eroded by soap. So, I’ve just been wiping.

(2) High Heat – Basically, after reading Cuisinart’s "documents" (excerpted below), the precaution AGAINST high heat is related to burning YOUR food, but the wok is safe to 500 degrees broiler, and should not be warping. Cuisinart’s seasoning directions including placing the wok in a 300 degree oven for one hour. However, if you’ve using a 15,000 btu burner, then a carbon steel wok (with oil seasoning) is the better choice – – high heat also means a lot of oil fumes (and greasy range), so if you can tolerate that, than seasoning a carbon steel wok is a better choice.

Cuisinart literature – "Never use Cuisinart GreenGourmet Cookware on high heat or food will burn. The Aluminum core of this cookware heats quickly and its even heat distribution prevents hot spots. We recommend using a low or medium setting for most cooking. To boil water, medium-high is sufficient. Never leave Cuisinart Cookware or any pan empty over a hot burner. Doing so can ruin the pan and void the warranty and cause damage to the stovetop."
"Cuisinart . . . can be in the oven up to 500 degrees F. Cookware is broiler safe."

(3) Induction cooking (?) — the box shows gas, electric, glass ceramic and halogen, but NOT induction (presumably not magnetized).

Seasoning (?) — per Cuisinart, "Seasoning your pans twice a year helps to maintain optimal performance and is easy! Just add a half-tablespoon of vegetable oil and spread it around the entire interior right up to the rim. Then place the pan in a preheated 300 degree F oven for an hour."

The box has a label saying "Made and printed in China" so I assume both product & box are manufactured there.

Cuisinart also has the model 626-32H Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12-1/2-Inch with a Teflon like (PTFE based) surface, but without PFOA. Given that PTFE is emitted, and PFOA doesn’t leave the body, and both are either pollutants or suspected carcinogens, why use a petroleum/chemical based surface with your food ?

What this says is that ceramic non-stick is not "buy, use & forget" like today’s no-frost freezers — manufacturers don’t seem to be helping with addressing "stickiness" (just like washer manufacturer’s deny the smell & mold of front loaders – for that & other HE washers, one poster say run a load w/ 1-2 dishwashing detergent pellets which do the same thing as the $1 washer cleaner pellets.

My sample has a dent on the metal wrap of the glass lid. It appears to be a factory dent because the lid itself was well wrapped in cardboard & paper, and the entire box was shipped by Amazon in an outside box w/ paper (Amazon is not only a great retailer, but a fantastic shipper — always something outside the actual retail box).

Just wanted to add to these reviews as another happy customer with this product. Wife and I found it to be great for grilling up chicken, veggies, and more. Some notes:

– The list price on Amazon is incorrect…the MSRP is not nearly that high. I believe according to Cuisinart’s website the MSRP is $59.99. Still, Amazon has a great price and great service that can’t be beat.
– The handle does indeed stay cool ๐Ÿ™‚
– Do not use on any heat higher than medium (dont use high heat on any non-stick cookware for that matter)
– Pre-heat at the medium or the temp you intend to cook at
– Great for grilling zucchini/eggplant. Just slice the veggies into strips, brush with olive oil (if you’d like) and season with salt/garlic, and grill away!
– when done cooking, let it cool down a bit while you eat/etc. and then wipe of all the gunk/oil/grease with a paper towel. It should come off pretty easily with minimal scrubbing.
– If you have stubborn grease/etc., fill the pan with water and a pinch of dish cleaner and let sit

We’ve been using this pan maybe 10 times since purchase and are satisfied with it. Clean up is similar to our other non-stick cookware and is easy. *Sometimes* it is more work to clean the grooves of the grill pan but still not too bad. I would recommend this product!

I’ve had these pans for a couple of months now and LOVE them. Nothing sticks to them, the pans heat evenly and they are holding up well. A couple of things:
1. Hand wash only – which is true for all pans.
2. The metal lids get really hot – I wish they had a better design so I may look into purchasing lids later.
Other than those things, these are totally worth the purchase and we are a happy, cooking family.

Recieved the pan today and took out to wash in warm soapy water with a nonabrasive sponge as directed. As I was washing, the top coating began to peel off. I havenโ€™t even used it yet! Horrible quality from a high end manufacturer! Will purchase another Rachel Ray grill pan which worked great for 4 years and less expensive too!

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