Chrome Finish Towel Bathroom Rack Stand Shelf

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Chrome Finish Towel Bathroom Rack Stand Shelf

I looked at numerous standing towel racks on line and decided to try this one – it was the perfect choice for my space. It is of good quality and very sturdy because the bars screw into the polls so there is no weld that can break. It was very fast to assemble – less than 5 minutes to screw in the bars. it is a large enough size to spread out my largest bath towel to dry, but I don’t have true bath sheets which may be too big. It has a very handy shelf and my bathroom scale fits underneath. I would recommend it to everyone who want something that size!

This is a little bit flimsy and lighter weight than I thought, but it holds our towels fairly well. It is also very plain looking, which would work well for a modern bathroom but not so much for a fancy bathroom. It was easy to put together (took about 5 minutes). All in all not bad.

Love it. The construction in our new bathroom was not done very well, so every time we tried to screw in a towel bar, it fell out. I finally replaced them with this little beauty and just put pictures over the old holes in the wall! Be mindful when assembling to go from the bottom to the top and leave each screw slightly loose until you have it all together. Then tighten all of them. It took me about ten minutes to assemble and is quite solid. It is NOT meant to lean on, so do be careful and use as it was meant, for towels etc.

This rack works fine in our bathroom. It’s simple, holds a lot of towels, & does not take up much space.

Very flimsy. Falls over easily. Not quite tall enough or wide enough to hold a regular sized bath towel. I bought this because my new bathroom doesn’t have a good place for towel bars, but I’m getting rid of this rack and putting up towels bars in a kind of inconvenient place. Don’t waste your money.

Easy to assemble, even if you are instruction-challenged like me. ( I put the bottom shelf on first as I was working alone- had the whole thing together and towels on it in about 15 minutes start to finish. ) Rack looks stylish in my bathroom. Please note- Bath towels do fit on the back 2 racks but they will touch the bottom shelf which is fine with me as I don’t want them dragging on my floor. Front rack hold face towels and washcloths perfectly. Great product for the money.

You have no idea how inept I am when it comes to any kind of assembly or anything involving TOOLS, but I bought this literally based on the majority of the Reviewers who said it was easy to assemble. BEST DIRECTIONS EVER: No Print! All pictures! Seriously, if I can do it, so can your 3-year-old! And I genuinely like the finished product. It is compact in size for a small bathroom yet whill hold two bath towels side by side, and has the oft-mentioned shelf down below. While it is indeed light weight, I don’t consider if flimsy. I mean, come on! How strong do you need a towel holder to be? I think it’s great.

Very nice! It was easy to put together with just a Philips-head screwdriver. It serves its purpose well, We’ve got a couple of bath towels on ours, and some shower stuff underneath. It’s very solid and well designed.

Package came with no damage. Easy to put together. I just wish it was wider, because my towels are wide.

The pre-drilled holes did not line up; could not be used as is. Looks like production error. Suggest not ordering from current manufacturing run.

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