Carson Optical FlexNeck Ultra Bright, Fully Adjustable LED Book Light (FL-55)

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Carson Optical FlexNeck Ultra Bright, Fully Adjustable LED Book Light (FL-55)

I was looking for something to illuminate my hand needlework up close and this does the trick. The clip lets you attach it to your embroidery hoop or a drawing board. I find that I can clip it to a paperback book and set it in my lap and hold my work under the light. I was able to sew while sitting next to a relative’s hospital bed at night with no other lights on in the room. And the batteries have lasted a surprisingly long time!

Now I just pack this light and a few extra batteries in my craft bag and take it with me everywhere. I can sit in the corner at a friend’s house and be part of the conversation – all the while enjoying my needlework or drawing. And if I want to read – under any light conditions – this light will be perfect. Great value and extremely handy item!

I LOVE this light! It is bright but not so bright to disturb my fiance late at night while he sleeps and I am up doing homework or reading a book in bed. It easily clips onto things that I would say are about 3"-4" thick. I bought this a month ago and waited to place a review until I knew for sure how I felt about it. The neck is so flexible and easily folds up so I can fit it in my tiny front pocket of my backpack. It takes 3 triple A batteries. Which I guess is the only downside to this light is that I was hoping it would come with batteries but thankfully I had some extras lying around! Other than this tiny detail I would have to say once this one stops working I will buy a new one!

Works VERY well. I used to have the non-LED version of this, and it barely worked, however this new LED version is great. I don’t like my son turning on the dome light while we are parked because it can ruin the battery. I would highly recommend this for anyplace you do not have access to lighting. I bought the 6 LED version and it is very bright! The clip I use on the back of the driver’s seat headrest for my son to read or do other activities while we are driving.

I’ve tried lots of book lights over the years, but they tended to be heavy, awkward and dim. I supposed I’ve skipped a few generations. This one is awesome! It’s lightweight enough to easily clip to a mass market paperback (inc. a bunch of pages) and not make it top heavy or slide around or anything. The neck is very positionable. Perhaps it moves too easily–I’m always adjusting it–but the upside is that you can make fine little adjustments and get it just so. There isn’t a huge difference between the two brightness settings, but it’s the difference between bright enough to bother your eyes on a white page and just right for reading. I haven’t tried the brighter setting on a colored page, but I assume it would be good. Another great thing about this is the way LED lights work. In this configuration, they light up a large page, or two pages of a mass market, and the light cast beyond is very dim. This also makes it an excellent nightlight. There’s enough dim light to find your way–it’s akin to star light, not nearly as bright as moonlight–not enough to disturb the sleeping.

This works very nicely on the gizmo I rigged to hold my Kindle. The two levels of luminosity are noticeably different from each other, as long as the battery levels don’t get too low. When there isn’t enough juice, the high and the low intensity seem the same. I prefer the lower intensity level most of the time.

Easy to use, I like the fact that it uses AAA batteries. No complaints, but I haven’t had it for long. Will update later after I’ve used it for a while.

April 2014 update: still works great, very happy with this product. Makes reading in the dark a breeze.

Lite-weight, easy to use, flexible goose neck – really brightens the page so I can see what I’m reading. LED light should allow the batteries to last a while. There are a couple of comfortable places in the house that I need to go to when my favorites are too loud and those places are not set up for reading but this will change all that.

Nice little light. Stays put on the book and provides adequate light to read by. Reading a book bigger than a standard hard cover novel may require adjusting the light from page to page but easily done with the flexible neck.

I bought this light to use in the car since I can’t reach the dome light easily with my seat belt on. It’s small, lightweight and very bright. The gooseneck is long, yet stable. I clipped it onto the neck of the rear-view mirror so it’s out of the way yet easily accessible. Just perfect !

Excellent book light. I attached it to a clip board full of paper so my son can draw in the back seat of the car when it is dark out. Would be a bit bright for reading at night if you’re trying not to disturb a partner. I have had it more than a year and have not replaced the batteries yet, even with fairly heavy use.

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