The BenQ Zowie XL2540 is a 240 Hz gaming monitor with a TN panel that is full of gaming capabilities. The high refresh rate and exceptionally low input delay make it incredibly responsive and can also flicker the backlight to eliminate movement. It supports FreeSync, which allows the refresh rate to adapt to the game. However, the picture quality is below average and the edges of the screen lose accuracy due to the narrow viewing angle.


The design of this BenQ XL2540 is great. The stand is well supported despite the small footprint. The stand also offers a variety of ergonomic movements, so you can easily find a comfortable viewing position. The monitor also has external speed-dial buttons and privacy shields that can also prevent reflections or glare. The build quality is also great, though the monitor feels almost completely plastic. The inputs are on the back and may be slightly out of the way, but the ability to turn the monitor makes it much easier.

Picture Quality

The image quality of the BenQ XL2540 is below average. The contrast ratio is pretty low, so blacks appear gray in a dark room, such as watching movies at night. However, it is better for bright rooms because it can become very bright and the screen surface is well suited to reduce the intensity of the reflections. This is useful for bright office environments or open spaces. The picture is unfortunately pretty inaccurate and the edges of the screen lose their accuracy due to the poor viewing angle. It also does not support image enhancement features such as local dimming or a large color gamut.


The handling of the BenQ XL2540 is excellent. It has an amazing response time, resulting in very short tracks of moving objects. DC dimming is used so the screen is flicker-free and BFI can be activated to further enhance movement. The monitor has a very high native refresh rate of 240 Hz and can use FreeSync to display variable frame rates that are lower than the native refresh rate when using a compatible graphics card.


The BenQ Zowie XL2540 has an excellent low input delay, but only a relatively common FHD resolution and 25-inch size.


This BenQ Zowie XL2540 monitor has some additions that enhance the user experience. There is an external quick-setting button that switches well between gifts (eg different settings for playing and surfing the internet). The screen display is easy to navigate.

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Mixed Usage

Above average monitor for mixed use. The motion handling is excellent, making it a good candidate for games and other fast-paced activities. However, the picture quality is below average. When sitting close by, the edges of the screen lose contrast and saturation due to the narrow viewing angle.


Average monitor for office use. The monitor feels appealing due to the low response time and delay in input, but the picture quality is below average. Due to the low native resolution, there is also not much room on the screen for multitasking.


Good choice for games. The BenQ XL2540 supports a 240 Hz input and FreeSync, so the games feel very responsive. The input delay is also exceptional. Unfortunately, the picture quality is below average and the edges of the screen appear uneven due to the poor viewing angle.


Decent for watching movies and TV shows. The monitor can turn bright to combat glare, and the bright, matte finish can spread reflections across the screen. Unfortunately, the image quality is below average due to the low native contrast ratio, and the image loses accuracy when viewed at an angle.


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