Benchmade – Adamas 275, Plain Drop-Point, Black Handle

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Benchmade - Adamas 275, Plain Drop-Point, Black Handle

I put this knife to the test how long will it last as a working knife. On many construction sites and other jobs. To demo, roofing, cutting holes through walls and prying i know your supposed to but it’s a tank. But today it finally broke. The spacer above the thumb release snapped. But still the blade and handle all good this thing is built like a tank. If your looking for a strong knife this one is for you. I’m going to get it fixed I’m not gonna give up on it yet.

First impressions of the knife are very positive. The lockup is rock solid, the knife feels like a tank in the hand, the axis lock is surprisingly smooth for such a large and heavy knife (the blade is .16 inches thick and nearly 4 inches long, it’s a hefty piece of steel). Before receiving the knife I was concerned that the handle would be too thick to be comfortable, but I was wrong. The handle depth is right around .75 inches with chamfered edges, and it proves comfortable enough for extended use.

The jimping for the forward thumb grip is great; neither too sharp nor too rounded, it provides the right amount of friction to keep the knife in place.

The steel is D2 steel hardened to 61-62 HRC, which provides a mean cutting edge and excellent hardness. FOR THOSE WHO LIKE PRISTINE EDGES WITH NO CHIPPING, OR WHO COMPULSIVELY SHARPEN THEIR KNIVES, THIS IS NOT THE KNIFE FOR YOU!
D2 is very brittle, and from moderate usage I have already noticed microchipping on the blade. This isn’t a bad thing per se, but you’ll notice a decrease in the smoothness of push cutting paper. The blade will still function exactly as it SHOULD for actual use, but if you think knives should have perfect, unblemished edges with immaculate apexes, no chips, you’d better look elsewhere at softer steels or carbon steels. D2 is also very difficult to sharpen with respect to most other steels. You’ll need a DMT stone to change this edge; arkansas stones and india stones won’t cut it (pun intended), but you’ll see limited success on Japanese waterstones.

DO NOT use powergrinders to change a knife edge. Without active lubricant cooling, grinding will cause a localized detempering of the steel at the apex, which will soften the steel and cause the edge to roll more easily, which in turn requires more maintenance to correct. For the case of this knife, I’d suggest leaving the blade as is for a while; D2 holds an edge exceptionally well, and only requires touch-up with a DMT stone occasionally or after hard use. Again, microchipping isn’t a bad thing, it’s to be expected out of such a hard steel, or supersteels such as S30V, S35VN, Elmax, S90V, S110V, M390, etc. As long as the microchipping doesn’t develop into actual chipping, you won’t have problems.


The blade grind. The relatively shallow saber grind on such a thick blade stock is honestly awful. The bevel angle is quite large, and the secondary bevel edge makes it even larger. This helps to prevent serious chipping in the D2 which is good, but this knife is NOT a good slicer. It’s simply too thick for that. Don’t expect perfect feathersticks, fine whittling or notches, it’s simply too think behind the edge to do that. However, if you need to chop through a stick or carve up a quick tent stake, this works wonders. It falls somewhere on the spectrum between knife and sharpened prybar.

The pocket clip. The clip is situated well on the frame; the knife sits quite deep in the pocket. To an observer, they wouldn’t be able to tell you’re carrying an M1 Abrams in your pocket. However, the clip itself is rather poor and soft. This has been a criticism of many benchmade knives for a long time; they cut corners on the pocket clip, it softens or bends too easily, the coating on the clips comes off with some wear (the paint has just slightly started shedding on mine after a couple of weeks, but I’ve seen the wear on others more worn than mine). This can be corrected with some aftermarket titanium anodized clips if you’re willing to spend a bit more for the style.


This is a great knife with an excellent overall performance, and a sturdy build quality that wouldn’t look out of place with a smoothbore cannon and treads. It deploys fast and smooth, and comes very sharp. My primary gripes are the pocket clip and the shallow saber grind, which detracts from the cutting ability. However, for the tasks it was developed for, like hard cutting and demolishing cardboard, particle board, wood, and even soft aluminum, it excels. This knife is probably the closest a folder comes to a substitute for a fixed blade out there. When outdoors, I typically bring an axe, a fixed blade, and a folder as redundancy and insurance. This knife makes me question that. I’m looking forward to all the work I’ll put it through, and I expect it’ll smash through anything I throw at it.

I had contemplated for over two years to buy this knife. I ordered it last week and got it yesterday. As soon as I opened the box I seen the Benchmade quality. This being my first Benchmade I didn’t know what to expect.

Once I pulled the knife out of the sheath and felt the action I was real gritty and didn’t seem to want to open smoothly. I was like WTF?. So I immediately threw it on the bench to see what the issue was with the action.

Upon minor inspection I noticed that the knife seem to have some dirt or residue from assembly in the action. No big deal.

At this point I grabbed my blue lube cleaner and oil and begin tear the knife down and cleaned and re-oil the action and reassembled the knife. VoilĂ , problem fixed. Now the knife opens up with little to no effort and is smooth as silk.

Now that I’ve it working nicely I love the weight of it and style. The knife itself is HUGE which doesn’t bother me one bit. Some people may not like a folder this big but I do. It fits nicely in my hands and feels great!

I would highly recommend this knife to anyone.

Where do i start… I have purposely held off on rating this because i wanted to give a good honest review. This blade is everything i could ever ask for in a daily carry. I am a bigger guy 5’11" 250 and this fits me perfectly. Comfortable, forget its there.

The overall action on this blade is butter. VERY smooth open, and mine came with perfect blade alignment. Over the course of the first 6 months, it was used heavily, for everything. From opening mail, packages at work, to screw driving, to limb cutting, to prying, and digging with a lot of uses probably unaccounted for. After 6 months of rugged use, the blade developed a hair of lateral movement in the frame. A quick tightening of the main torqx screw fixed that right up. At this time I went ahead and cleaned everything inside and out and re-oiled with one of our companies gun oils (Hoppe’s Elite). After the tightening the blade was noticeably harder to open and did not deploy effortlessly with a quick flip any more. After the oil worked itself in, and about a week of more regular use the butter smooth opening returned.

Over all, this knife has seen a lot of work from me. It attended a defensive pistol and rifle course and did anything and everything i needed it to. The D2 Tool steel the blade is made from is TOUGH! Not the best at holding an edge, but re-sharpens effortlessly. After all, a blade this thick you can’t expect to hold a razor edge, and I didn’t. This is a rugged tool, meant to be used on the regular, and not babied like a fillet / cleaning knife. The G10 handle feels excellent, and is every bit as tough as the knife it self. The lock is butter to operate and it enormous. Just screams out STURDY. There is no flex at all in any direction when this is locked open. Blood grove in the blade I’m sure would come in handy to someone….. I have not been in the situation to test this out thankfully. In the end, do your self a favor and pick this knife up. Well worth it, and for sure meets and exceeds Benchmades expected quality. Sibert designed a winner here gentleman. Thank you!

This is the best knife I have ever bought. I work on a heavy maintenance farm where every folding knife I have carried has either jammed up with gunk or the lock breaks. A fixed blade works best but it’s not practical to carry around. This is where the Benchmade Adamas shines because it has the best of both worlds. Prior to this knife I carried a SOG Aegis Tanto so I was used to forward assist lightweight knives. This is the exact opposite. The Adamas is completely made from steel which is why it weighs roughly half a pound. It does not have forward assist which is a major plus for me. With some practice, I have been able to flip the blade open using the thumbstuds instantly. It’s now second nature. I carry this on and off the farm. For someone who wants a relatively lightweight knife for everyday carry at the office, this is not for you unless you’re like me and love overkill. Overkill is underrated. Anyhow, it has the stiffness of a fixed blade.. absolutely no wiggle in the blade when deployed and the lock is rock solid. My friends thought I was crazy for buying a $180 knife, and they’re probably right. But it is totally worth it, I do not regret buying this and I strongly recommend this knife to anyone looking for a EDC knife that can take abuse.

If you are looking for the absolute best folding knife available, bar none, look no further. The Benchmade 272BK Adamas is the best of the best. All other knives are toys by comparison. I have been collecting knives for 30 years and this is the strongest tool I have ever purchased. Though many say it is too big for EDC, I disagree. Yes, it is thicker than others, but still qualifies as an EDC in my view. Holding the Adamas in your hand is a testosterone inducing experience. No other knife opens and closes as effortlessly. Due your due diligence and search around. Then come back to the best of the best and buy the Benchmade 275 Adamas. You will never regret it!

Had this knife for over two years now, almost three. Carry everyday to work and use it often enough that it has become my most trusted side kick. I have never spent this much for a pocket knife and was a little concerned with the price tag on the purchase, however after almost three years I would buy again and again. It’s big but not bulky, it’s heavy but balanced well, and it’s a tank that takes a beating. I’m not a knife fighter, or a special ops ninja but I do use it almost daily and can not reccomend this enough.

Wow. Beefy knife. Full liners and extra thick g10. Thick to the point of cushy feeling. D2 blade is nice and thick. Is amongst my thickest folders. I think the the handle is made to feel like a fixed blade…cuz it does. Lock up is very tight. No wiggle. Opens and closes very nicely. Blade could b a bit more centered though. Is not rubbing. Not really freaking about that cuz it opens so nicely. Is heavy. Weighs about as much as my Cold Steel Spartan. Which has at least an inch on the Adamas. I love jimping on the liners. Is excellent. Has a very military inspired look. Is a great knife. Love it.

This is a knife truly worthy of the military, extremely high grade materials and finish, the blade is scalpel sharp out of the box and has great retention. If you are looking for a knife that will meet all of your EDC needs and if necessary a combative need then look no further because this is it. The only thing I could find wrong with it is the carry clip was a tad loose but that was easily remedied by a few driver turns, even if it wasn’t you can register your blade and send it to Benchmade and guess what? They will fix it for you. As I said definitely one of the best black class knives I’ve ever seen and owned.

I bought this knife as an EDC that would be a little more stout Than my Pardue by Benchmade. Boy stout is an understatement with this one. I have several Benchmade knives and the quality does not disappoint. My fixed Adamas is great on my back pack for hikes and the Adamas folder is much thicker in the handle and a little heavy in the pocket but carries deep. It deploys very well and the edge is razor sharp! I have no regrets but will probably carry more in the winter months when I wear jeans or hiking pants but not in the summer time when wearing shorts. The weight is the reason and I usually carry knives that are thinner when wearing dress pants or shorts. I gave the knife 5 stars because I am rating on all around craftsmanship.

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