The ASUS VG279Q is a very good 1080p, 144Hz IPS monitor. It has a great design and a simple stand with excellent ergonomics. It provides decent picture quality with wide viewing angles and high peak brightness. Motion looks great with its extremely fast response time, has an optional Black Frame Insertion feature, and supports FreeSync. Unfortunately, the 1080p resolution may be limited to a few people, and like most IPS monitors, it does not look so good in dark rooms.


The ASUS VG279Q has a great design very similar to the ASUS VG245H. It has a small stand, similar to the ASUS PG279QZ, and supports the monitor well, with little wobbling. It has excellent ergonomics that makes it easy to put it in an ideal viewing position or to share your screen with someone. Although it is mostly plastic, there are no obvious issues with build quality.

Picture Quality

Overall, the ASUS VG279Q delivers decent picture quality. The mediocre contrast ratio typical for IPS monitors and the disappointing black homogeneity ensure that the image remains accurate at an outstanding angle. It has an excellent sRGB color gamut and color depth, but the coverage of the extended Adobe RGB color space is too low for most professional users. It’s ready to go, with excellent color and white balance accuracy, and excellent grading performance for an 8-bit monitor. Unfortunately, HDR is not supported.


The ASUS VG279Q has excellent motion handling. It has an incredibly fast response time, delivering clear movements with just a short blur track behind fast-moving objects, and has an optional black frame insertion function to further clarify the movement. It has a superb refresh rate of 144 Hz and supports FreeSync even when connected to a newer NVIDIA 10 or 20 series graphics card.


The ASUS VG279Q features exceptionally low input delay, suitable for demanding games. The 27-inch screen is a good size for most people, but the low resolution of 1080p may be a problem for some, as it is not suitable for multitasking. It has a good selection of inputs, including a DVI connector, which is not very good in common.


The ASUS VG279Q has a few extra features, most of which are designed specifically for gamers. It can add a crosshair, a timer, or an FPS counter to each program or game, and display alignment indicators that help you align multiple monitors. There are built-in speakers, but HDR is not supported. The OSD and controls are easy to use.

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Mixed Usage

Very good monitor for most applications. It has a wide viewing angle, excellent ergonomics and excellent peak brightness. Motion looks great with its fast refresh rate, fast response time, and flicker-free backlighting. It provides a decent picture quality, but does not look so good in a dark room. Unfortunately, the 1080p resolution can disappoint some people.


Great monitor for office use. It has a great design with excellent ergonomics, which is great if you buy a monitor for several people. It has very good wide viewing angles that are great for sharing your work, and excellent peak brightness. Unfortunately, the 1080p resolution is not ideal for multitasking and there is no Picture-In-Picture or Picture Beside Picture mode.


The VG279Q is an excellent monitor for games. It has a fast refresh rate, supports FreeSync and outstanding response time, so motion with very little blur looks great. In most modes, the input delay is excellently low, which is advantageous even for the most competitive players. The resolution of 1080p may be disappointing for some users.


This is a good monitor for multimedia. It has an excellent response time, so that fast-moving objects have only a very short blur trail behind them. The image remains accurate at an angle that is great for viewing with a few other people. Unfortunately, it does not look so good in a dark room.


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