The Acer X27 is a very good, versatile monitor that gives the best results in bright rooms. It’s marketed as a game monitor and has great gameplay features, including NVIDIA G-Sync and a high refresh rate that provides a remarkable gaming experience. It’s a well-rounded monitor that’s great for any use, has an impressive wide color gamut, and is incredibly bright in HDR. Unfortunately, performance in dark rooms is poor because of its low contrast ratio even with local dimming and poor black uniformity.


The Acer Predator X27 has a very good design with some interesting design options. The stand is thin, but has a big footprint. The monitor can be mounted on a stand or wall mount VESA. However, a supplied adapter that supports heat dissipation must be used. There is a fan on the back to keep the monitor cool as the backlight generates a lot of heat, but the fan is very quiet. Cable management is very little thought. The included anti-glare agents reduce glare and are easy to install when needed.

Picture Quality

The Acer Predator X27 offers a decent picture quality. It is best for light rooms, as the native contrast causes blacks in dark rooms to appear gray and the black uniformity is poor. The bright room performance is good and the viewing angles are good. HDR picture quality is very good. The monitor is extremely bright in HDR and has a very good HDR color space and a good color volume, even better than most televisions. Gradients are displayed almost perfectly without any noticeable streaks.


The motion handling of the Acer Predator X27 is excellent. Thanks to the fast response time, there is very little motion blur, but at all transitions there is a certain overshoot. The monitor is flicker-free, which is great, but does not include an optional black frame insertion function to reduce the blurring of persistence.


The Acer Predator X27 has a very low input delay, but is higher than most other gaming monitors like the XB271HU. It has a large 27-inch screen with a resolution of 4k, which is suitable for almost all applications.


The Acer Predator X27 has a number of additional features that should appeal to most people. There are many display options that allow you to adjust the image, including a nocturnal blue filter mode. The screen display is clear and easy to navigate, as are the controls.

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Mixed Usage

Very good monitor for mixed use. It works well for a brighter office environment, but has limited ergonomic options. It has some great gameplay features, such as: Support for NVIDIA G-Sync technology, however, is limited by the relatively high input delay.


Very good monitor for office use. The high-resolution 4k screen produces sharp text and facilitates multitasking. It has great viewing angles and decent reflection, although it is not as bright on SDR. Unfortunately, there are limited ergonomic options and it may be harder to place in an ideal position.


Great monitor for games. It has some great gameplay features, including support for NVIDIA G-Sync technology. The delay of the input is good, but high compared to similar game monitors like the Predator XB271HU. Due to the poor contrast ratio and the poor black uniformity, it is not suitable for late night games in dark rooms.


Very good monitor for watching movies or streaming internet videos. The large screen and 4k resolution deliver highly detailed, crisp images that let you see every detail. The large color space and the good color volume make sure that you see every detail in your videos. Small highlights are very bright with HDR, and the local dimming feature enhances the experience. In dark scenes, however, bright lights are highlighted.

Acer Predator X27 MONITOR REVIEW

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